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Elegant and Simple Interior Design for a Home in Kanpur

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by devminterio.inc
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The most attractive feature in any house is the energy it exudes. While most of it comes from the people who live within, a significant part of it also comes from the ambience in the interiors. There must be a balance between open spaces and design features. It has been achieved exceptionally by the Interior Architects from Devminterio in Kanpur. The house has a beautiful blend of colour, texture and other elements in its overall look. The team has stuck to simple ideas to transform the home into something extraordinary.

Subtle and Stylish

The beautiful bedroom invites us to relax as we enter the space. The large bed has been centred in the room, and everything else has been designed around it. To keep the look traditional and rustic, the architects have used a brick façade for the wall. The work desk has been set up against it, creating warmth. A simple and minimalist design for the table ensures that it does not overwhelm the room. An open bookshelf and storage area above the table is perfect for displaying accessories and collectables. The emerald green headboard strikes a rich contrast to the other tones in the room.

Cosy Seating

Seating is an essential part of any bedroom. Usually, when working with a small area, it is best to stick to the bare essentials. However, in this bedroom, a nook has been created with single-seater sofas. They add a certain softness to the look of the room and serve as the perfect place to lounge with a book. The deep blue cushions match the other furnishings in the room. The blinds on the side match the shade on the wall, allowing the emerald green headboard to be the centre of attention.

Functional study area

A closer look at the study table shows us its perfect finish and customisation. The table stretches along the length of the wall. Adding cabinets and a storage shelf in the table is smart. The comfortable chair allows the user to spend long hours working in the room. The shelf above the desk has been fitted with lights and is perfect for providing additional lighting for the workspace.

Charming Kids' Room

It makes perfect sense to create a space according to the needs of the people residing in it. This kid’s room is ideal for growing children as it accommodates their needs. Two single beds have been opted for, giving them privacy. By doing so, the room looks well-designed and balanced too. The colours for the room have been kept neutral so that contrast can be added through accessories.

Functional Kids' Room

The bedroom is complete with the addition of a study desk, which has been designed to accommodate both the kids. By mounting the bookshelf on the wall, the architects have made great use of available space.

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