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7 Small Houses that will Inspire You to Design Yours

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A small house is a perfect choice, especially when you love compact living that is totally blessed with clutter-free life on the outskirts of the city. Small houses are the best idea when it comes to sustaining of families with 4-6 members. These kinds of houses are not only budget friendly but also a great idea to live together while sharing the bond of love!

Homify is the best when it comes to discussing about your dream home! And today, we are going to take you to a small comprehensive tour to our amazing 7 small home designs you could seek some inspiration while designing yours.

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1. Scandinavian Design is Revived to Life

A small house could be made to look awesome in its full form! If you question why, take a look at this gorgeous illustration here. A lavish house is made to perfection with that sloping roof design and the dormer window. The attic-style window that crowns one side of the roof is too amazing for a fairytale-like living away from all the buzzes of city life. A perfect combination of concrete walls is finished with off-white hues while rich hardwood completes the facade. This house is a wonderful choice, especially if you have little ones in your family!

2. Live the Classic Way in a Stone House!

A slate-roofed stone house is the next reason why vintage-style living is blessed with ultimate gorgeousness in the modern era! As you can see in the illustration here, the designers have made this house a masterpiece fused with huge glass-paned windows and stone work. A house built this way not only allows maximum sunshine into its ambience but also in the lives of its residents.

3. A Cottage House by the Lake

A romantic cottage house by the lake is a great idea for spending great family time together. With its large glass windows and barn-style finish, this cottage house is a perfect choice for those who love to live amidst nature. Whether you love munching your hot pie while being gently kissed by the cool breeze or love to admire the gentle rustling of dry leaves, this house has every bit of comfort you desire. Frankly speaking, we are simply lost in love with this house!

4. Perfect Fusion of Brickwork and Wood

Red bricks and wood are great materials to get that classic finish. As you can see in the illustration, lovely brickwork is exposed to make a pixel-effect wall that seamlessly contrasts with the wood cladding. This design not only fosters the essence of warmth but also paves the way for making something unique out of the ordinary! And not to forget, this house concept is budget-friendly and too gorgeous to miss!

5. Modern Living Away from City Life

A modern house such as this is crowned with asymmetrical windows, wide first floor cut-out finish, and extremely charming facade. That large outdoor terrace is a great idea, especially when you have a party plan doing the rounds on your calendar! Whether it is barbecue-style get-togethers or Christmas parties kissed by the warmth of the campfire, this house is a big hit among those who love to live away from the city!

6. Double-Storey House for Joyful Stories!

An elegant double-storey house such as this might become that 'too good' concept in your life. Whether it is that ultimate fusion of wood, double storey, compact balcony, or side-slanting roof, this house has everything you need to live a life that's completely dramatic and cosy. And its compactness is something that adds to the overall cuteness and lovely looks!

7. A Modern Cottage House

Coming to the end of our amazing small house design concepts, we have the modern version of a cottage house. Whether it is that large window opening or the off-white walls that dramatically fuse with the grey-toned roofs, this house is an essential number on the list of those who love modern living that's compact and tension-free. And not to forget the looks, this house is a mesmerizing piece of wonder crafted for comfortable living.

Small houses foster the essence of comfort and love! So which idea is going to be your deeply-influenced inspiration? Keep us posted..!
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