Dazzling Lighting Ideas and Tips for Small Kitchens

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While every room in your house has its own importance and sophisticated detailing, your kitchen is never an exception to oppose this fact. This cooking paradise of yours is that lovely destination for aromatic bakes, crispy fries, and mouth-watering stirs! So when it comes to adding some light to this wonderful space in your house, you've got to be innovative, creative, and of course, choosy. 

So today, your beloved Homify is going to guide you with very useful lighting ideas and amazing tips to fabricate your small kitchen into something extraordinary.

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1. White Lights for a Dramatic Kitchen

What can be more alluring than a dramatic kitchen that has every bit of detail like the words of Shakespeare and Wordsworth?! A kitchen that has everything from the glossy walls to the table cover and even the blinds in a white tint, you can master this shade with lighting as well. Go for bright white lights on everything from the ceiling to that favourite chandelier of yours. The finish of this concept is simply gorgeous and too adorable to take the eyes off!

Tip: Go for white-shaded chandeliers to seamlessly fuse the lighting with matching materialization.

2. Highlight the Walls Too..!

Like every corner in your kitchen, your walls also need equal attention and love. You can share some affection with your wall by highlighting it with small ceiling lights. This concept creates a breezy ambience that is completely lit and makes way for a glossy setting while you cook. 

Tip: Tint the wall you choose to light with pale shades of your choice. We suggest dull green and crème yellow!

3. Light Your Cabinets Too

Cabinets are very common in every kitchen. This useful part of the kitchen shelves all your cooking essentials and last minute reach outs. Why not light every section of your cabinet then..? Well, this concept is as amazing as it sounds or seems to be. Whether you love your favourite ceramic crockery sets or your condiment collections, lighting each cabinet shelf makes way for a dramatic exhibition of what you've got in there. And not to forget, you know what lies where when you have every corner of of your cabinets lit and glowing! 

Tip: Your exterior kitchen lighting might be of any type. But choose soft yellow lighting for your cabinets and look forward to a dazzling kitchen!

4. The Bar Effect

A dark-tinted kitchen such as the one shown in the illustration is a masterpiece of a cooking paradise that can look its best with posh lighting. With the help of your lighting experts, bring in some extravagant lighting concepts throughout the wall alignment. To finish the look, go for contrasting high-hung minimal chandeliers and corner ceiling lights. This look resembles a bar-like setting and gives a modish transformation to your kitchen!

Tip: Since your kitchen walls are dark-hued, do not go for white lights. Choose bright yellow lights instead to give life to a dreamy kitchen like the one shown here!

5. Illuminate Your Kitchen Details

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Studio Cinque

The Live-In Kitchen

Studio Cinque

You might have a few out-of-the-box materials in your kitchen that add to the gorgeousness of your cooking space. Well, one more thing you could do to highlight your favourite ceramic vase collections or your signature condiments is to highlight the shelf with minimal white lights. With this concept, the focus of your guests will definitely not be limited to one point alone! Every corner of your kitchen will grasp awesome attention from them. 

Tip: Choose dim white lights to go with your shelf lighting concept. A dim light effect is so elegant here and helps gather equal attention. 

6. The Waterfall Effect

Have you ever admired a waterfall? If yes, then you might somehow reflect on what we're talking about! Your kitchen might boast a gorgeous finish of any shade, but lighting it with utmost care and creativity is what this concept is all about. White ceiling lights align the upper corner while the cabinetry section is lit with bright white lights throughout every corner. And when you stand paces away from the sequence, you get to witness an amazing waterfall-like effect in your kitchen. Now that's a dramatic and dreamy lighting concept, isn't it..?!

Tip: Make sure you shelve a lot of glassware in your cabinet because glass not only illuminates light but also helps it to penetrate through. And always choose bright white lights for this concept. 

Which of these ideas are you going to try to bless your kitchen with gorgeous lighting? Don't forget to share your comments below..!

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