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A messy house looks unappealing and uninviting and not many of us would want to enter into a house that is cluttered. A clean and organized environment indicates the effort the homeowner takes to maintain his/her home. A clean home also saves you from the panic and effort of having to clean up when guests arrive at your house at short notice. 

If you are someone who struggles to keep your home mess-free, then you have come to the perfect place. This article discusses some simple yet highly effective tips to maintain a mess-free home—enjoy!

Tangled wires

All of us have multiple electrical items that contribute greatly to our lives… but all of those messy wires? How ugly! Cables attached to the TV, CD player, computer, and sound system are all eyesores and need to be addressed immediately.  

Try to hide them or pass them on the back of the furniture so they are hidden from view. To stop them from getting tangled up and out of control again, lay them out as flat as possible and fasten them together with cable ties and cord organisers. The market has all types of cord organisers available today – from cute ones to quirky ones – so make use of them and see your home get organised.

Coats everywhere

With people coming and going, it is quite common to have coats lying everywhere around the house. To beat the coat clutter, instruct every member of the house to keep their coats in their rightful place—in their bedrooms, on hooks behind doors, or stored in boxes above the wardrobe

For guests coming in, have a coat hanger placed in the hallway. Keep in mind to keep it in a visible place and not in a corner so that guests can have a place to hang their coat.

Don't clutter your fridge with notes and magnets

Though it looks cute to decorate your refrigerator with magnet memorabilia from all the exotic places you have visited; when your freezer or refrigerator is covered in magnets, notes, and drawings by children, it is time to get organized. 

Rather than sticking shopping lists, to-do lists, and reminders on the refrigerator; have a clipboard or blackboard installed on your kitchen wall and use it to stick all those reminders, children’s drawings, notes etc. Do not forget to continuously recycle the items on the clipboard once it gets full.

False Plants

Are you one of those people who love nature but, thanks to living in a small apartment or high-rise block, have resorted to having faux greenery in your home? If yes, then this point is especially for you. Although they seem nicer and simpler to maintain, let us accept the fact that plastic plants are lifeless objects that will collect dust more that they decorate. 

Get rid of all that overwhelming faux greenery that adds to the clutter of your home. Rather than having false plants, opt for a couple of small bonsai or herb pots that you can keep on your windowsill.

Too many storage containers

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This point is for all you storage junkies who collect many containers and then ultimately forget to organize them! Everything is in place, but these containers are not organised! 

Get them sorted out by first discarding the items which have been lying unused for years. Then, start labeling your storage containers according to the items that have been stored in them. This way you know which box to take out, rather than taking out all boxes and then not having the time to put them back in their correct place.

Misplaced mirrors

You know that mirrors are your best friends when it comes to decorating a room. They can enlarge and illuminate spaces, but like everything, mirrors too have two sides to them. 

The disadvantages of having mirrors all around the home would be in terms of the reflection they give, so take care to strategically place those mirrors in your home. And pay special attention to the area that they reflect. Try and keep that area as clean as possible, so that the mirror doesn't draw even more attention to your messy living room corners by reflecting them back at you!

Careless hallway

The entry or hallway of your home is the first place that your guests see. A cluttered, messy hallway gives an impression of a cluttered, messy house; no matter how neat the rest of the house is. Take charge of your hallway and keep those coats, scarves and shoes organised. 

Try to have a closet for the coats, shoes and bags rather than a coat hanger. A coat hanger can instead be used for guests who are only staying for a little while. Encourage the members of the household to take their shoes and backpacks inside so as to have a clean hallway. You could also keep a basket in the corner of the hallway to keep those shoes and boots. This simple change will make a huge difference.

Having a clean, mess-free home is not rocket science. All it needs is a little planning and you can have an uncluttered home that will welcome one and all. Just follow the above tips and see yourself relax when you have guests coming at short notice.

Want more cleaning tips? Check out these six ways to deep clean your house!

How do you keep your home organised? Let us know in the comments!

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