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How to hide your trashcans to preserve the beautiful look of your house

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A lot of time, effort and money goes into beautifying the home. We hire architects to design them, interior designers to decorate them, and landscaping professionals to maintain their exteriors. Unexpected issues come up and repairmen are often necessary at some point or another. In turn, we take enormous pride in the abodes we create and maintain! They are a reflection of our individuality, and are typically tailored to our specific needs and preferences. 

With all this being said, it can feel inevitable to have an exposed cord, exposed laundry machine, or trashcan that creates an eyesore in the midst of an otherwise perfect surrounding. In actuality, there are myriad strategies and techniques available for hiding even the most necessary, albeit ugly, implements of the home. Today we will be covering seven different ways you can hide the outdoor trashcans to maintain the aesthetic purity of your yard

Place them in a shed

Perhaps one of the more obvious solutions is to stick the trashcans in a garden shed. The shed is a convenient spot that is typically underutilised. If you have a shed but don’t think it could fit a trash bin or two, it may be a good incentive to clean out the shed in order to make room! 

This option works best if the shed is located close to the back door of your home. This way taking out the trash doesn’t involve a trek across the yard. Another variation of this strategy is to place the trash bins in your garage. Placing the trashcans in an enclosure will also help block out any odours coming from the bins and keep them more protected from hungry animals as well as the elements.

Hide them in the ground

Breach Hill: Underground House colette Modern houses

Breach Hill: Underground House


An innovative way to camouflage the bins is to store them underground. This way all you need to do is flip open the top and drop the trash in as needed! This option works best if you can include a small enclosure around the top of the hole to keep it protected. One of the primary benefits of this arrangement are that you won’t have to worry about your trash bin getting knocked over by wind or mischievous neighbours. 

An underground trash solution will help to mitigate the accumulation of waste overtime as well. To be clear, underground trash receptacles usually consist of a series of chutes connects to a larger collection facility. This idea is being implemented in cities around the world, but private underground trash systems can be arranged for private yards.

Hide them behind the hedgerow

Topiary Spheres and a funky hedge Niwaki Eclectic style gardens

Topiary Spheres and a funky hedge


For a simple fix, you can always create a barrier around the bins to hide their appearance. This method offers plenty of room for creativity, and we have a few different options to share. 

Firstly, you can enhance the natural aesthetic value of your yard by planting some hedges around the trash area. For this purpose we recommend using evergreen hedges like Thuja, Laurel, or Yew. You could also add artificial hedges to spare yourself extra work in maintaining the plants. The hedges will also act as a shield against wind, which is notorious for knocking down trash bins. You may also wish to use a trellis covered with vines or other plants for a similar effect.

Build a panel around them

A lower maintenance alternative to the hedge barrier is to install a panel around the trash bins. Depending on the look you’re going for in your landscaping, this method is more versatile than the formal looking hedgerow. This is because the panel can be made from a multiplicity of different materials including wood, metal or bamboo as we can see in this example by GH Product Solutions

You can easily paint or treat the material in question to further manipulate the appearance to better fit the existing style of the yard. Be sure to fasten the panel securely to the ground, and make sure that the material you choose is well treated against water and wind damage.

Build a stone wall around it

One of the most robust materials you can build around your bin is stone. Stonewalls look wonderful in most yards as they bring an appealing rustic feel to the look. Stones are heavy and relatively water resistant, so you can be sure they will hold up over time. Further, stones are also less likely to become faded or discoloured from the sun, which means they won’t start to change appearance over the years, either. 

A stonewall is also an excellent way to make your garden look earthier and more holistic. You can even integrate plants into the stonewall, including vines that grow on the wall itself. You can also plant small shrubs and trees around the wall. For a more formal twist, try using bricks in place of natural stones.

Metal box with plants on top

For a sleeker and subtler approach, place the bins into a fitted metal box. While this is certainly something that you could do to hide the look of the trash bins, the metal box alone isn’t exactly any prettier than the bins themselves. We recommend using a metal container in a colour that won’t stand out against its surroundings like this black box. 

To help beautify the new trash receptacle, you can do a number of different things. One of our favourite ways to better integrate the metal box into the surrounding yard is to incorporate plants over top as we can see here. We love the look of these plants cascading off the side of the bin! Opting for a planter that you can simply set on top of the metal bin is likely the most convenient means of adding plants to the look. If the metal bin has a slat where you can insert trash without opening the top part, even better.

Put paint or a sticker over it

For the more creative among you, painting the bins is always an option. In fact, many towns have enacted initiatives to paint trash receptacles and electrical boxes throughout town in order to engage the community and beautify the eyesores. The garbage bins offer pretty large canvases, and you can paint pretty much anything you can think of over the top. 

Start by adding a neutral base coat to the bins, and then let your imagination soar! You could paint the trashcans and recycling bins with relevant images, or you could do something to help them blend better with the natural scenery of your yard or garden. If you’re not exactly gifted with a paintbrush, try adding some adhesive wall stickers or decals to the bins instead.

For more ways to hide those unsightly objects of the home, check out these ingenious ways to hide the washing machine in the bathroom.

How do you hide your unsightly trash cans? Let us know your thoughts using the comments section, below!
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