How to bring freshness and style into your home with an indoor fountain!

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Water is known to have soothing properties. The sound of water trickling down a water fountain is somehow immensely therapeutic. As such waterfalls are some of the most visited places on earth. Sadly, it is not always possible to visit a waterfall and hence people resorted to an easier way of getting their water fix—by having a water fountain in their garden. 

However, with changing times and space being at a premium, outdoor water fountains gave way to indoor water fountains. The growing popularity of indoor water fountains is testimony to people’s inclination towards them. If you too are someone who is contemplating having an indoor water fountain, then read on to know about the different kinds of waterfall that can grace your living room or interior garden.

A nod to contemporary: cast stone fountains and waterfalls

A cheaper version of natural stone water fountains, cast stone waterfalls will find preference amongst all those who prefer a water fountain that looks like it is made of expensive materials such as marble, granite or limestone. Cast stone fountains are more durable than stone water fountains and thus will also be the centrepiece of your living room. 

However, cast stone fountains need more maintenance than glass or fibre glass ones. Since cast stone expands and contracts with extreme high and low temperatures; you have to be careful about it during freezing or extremely hot temperatures. For cleaning build up in cast stone waterfalls, you need lime remover. For general cleaning a brush and a mild cleanser is required.

Copper and slate tabletop fountains: a shadow of elegance in your home

Copper fountains have been the most popular kinds of fountains that people prefer to have in their home. Because of their low maintenance and easy cleaning properties, copper fountains have grown in popularity ever since they made their first foray into the market. 

The copper, which is coated with powder, ages and looks elegant and classy with the passage of time. You could choose a copper fountain with a surface made of marble, slate or any other lighter material to add to the beauty of the fountain. 

Available in various sizes and designs, copper fountains do not need frequent cleaning and can go for months without gathering algae. Cleaning them is also a piece of cake—all you need is an old soft cloth and some hot water and you're ready to go.

Fibreglass and resin fountains; be enchanted by the colours and styles

Zuvan 2 Tier Water Fountain Primrose Garden Accessories & decoration

Zuvan 2 Tier Water Fountain


Fibreglass or “fibre reinforced plastic” is another popular material for water fountains. When combined with resin, the charm of a fibreglass fountain increase manifold and hence their demand is quite high in the market. Fibreglass and resin fountains are also great imitations of slate or cast stone fountains, albeit at a fraction of their price. 

Being translucent in appearance, fibre glass fountains find many takers since they are not only high on aesthetics but also need little maintenance. Extremely light in weight, all they need for cleaning is a light dusting with a soft cloth. There's no need for heavy duty cleaning material or even water when it comes to cleaning these popular fountains.

Surprise your guests with a glass waterfall!

Blue Flower Fountain homify Classic style gardens

Blue Flower Fountain


If you want to move away from the normal and want to invest in something unique, then buy a glass waterfall and impress your guests with its stunning performance. Your guests will surely love to stare at the cascading waterfall though the glass. 

Though glass waterfalls are extremely classy, make sure to buy one which is made of tempered or textured glass. You could also choose to buy a laminated glass water fall, which can have either a clear or coloured layer in between two laminated layers of glass, or choose a mirrored glass water fountain. The choice is yours and, based on your budget, you are sure to find that perfect glass water fountain with a little patience and hard work.

This beautiful piece is from the house of Neil Wilkin Bespoke Chandeliers & Glass Sculptures based in Somerset.

Use recycled materials: plastic fountains and waterfalls!

A plastic water fountain is for those of you who like to recycle things and leave a minimal carbon footprint. If this sounds like you, then buy a waterfall made of recycled materials such as plastic and enjoy it without any guilt. 

Choose a table top plastic water fountains or wall fountains to brighten up your room. You could even get your old glass table top framed vertically to give an aura of a glass water wall. This way you would cleverly recycle your glass top, which would otherwise go to waste.

Incorporate it into your interior garden!!

Blessed with an interior garden? Then have a waterfall installed there and enjoy the serene beauty of the trickling waterfall. Choose from exotic materials like glass or cast stone or go for more durable ones like copper or slate. You do not even have to compromise on the size of the waterfall when planning to have it installed in your interior garden. Choose a big fountain to be placed at the center of your interior garden, place some seating around it – if space permits—and enjoy your cup of coffee or read your favorite book beside your interior garden fountain.

Now that you know about the different materials that make an indoor waterfall, get started on finding the one that meets your taste and budget. Once you have zeroed in on that perfect one, consult an expert and give your home a pleasant makeover. Did you know that indoor waterfalls also help clean the air and maintain the humidity of the room? Now that you know about the health benefits, go shopping and find your favorite waterfall! 

For more relaxing ideas, check out these indoor plants that help you to breathe!

What kind of indoor water feature would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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