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Interior Design Colours that Set the Trend this 2020

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If you look forward to making a cheerful 2020 that flaunts awe-inspiring looks in every corner of your home, then you're at the right place! As usual, your beloved Homify is always there to help you out in choosing everything innovative you need to crown your home with the best comfort and posh looks.

So today, we're going to tour you down to an illustrative journey that showcases what you need to make this 2020 a trendsetting one. 

Get set and scroll down to find out more of this colourful comprehensive journey!

1. Start with Your Little One's Paradise!

Kids Bedroom Space Polygon Minimalist bedroom
Space Polygon

Kids Bedroom

Space Polygon

We all have those naughty little bundles of joy in our families. When they laugh or cry, our heart melts down to an emotional burst of tears and joy. So let's start your trendsetting interiors with your little one's bedroom. And we should all know that kids love colours! And you should take optimum use of this opportunity to brush their bedroom with vibrant and glossy colours that reflect the joy in them.

Anything from bright pink to lemon yellow is definitely a big thumb up. To fuse the looks with more joy, pop in some blossom pink wall decor and bed cushions. What now looks like a piece of ice cream cake is nothing less than paradise fallen on earth!

And believe us, your kid will love this colourful bedroom!

2. Go for a Pearl-White Finish in Your Living Room

Never-ending compliments and envy-filled comments are never going to cease this 2020 as long as you opt for this idea! Sometimes, a single element can make a huge impact on everything else. And yes, we're talking about the queen of all colours-White! Hail your living room with a pearl-white touch to the walls, furniture, and even the flooring and look forward to a royal lifestyle that fills your house with a glossy and chic look. To fuse the looks with ultimate gorgeousness, go for minimal white ceiling lights!

3. Rich Fusion of Beige and Brown

When it comes to interiors, it is often a wise idea to choose colours that go well with the overall materialization. Just as the illustration portrays, beige and brown are a great combination of rich hues that compliment every corner of the ambience with ultimate sophistication. To get more out of the finish, you can seek some assistance from your lighting experts and mount a glossy crystal chandelier and adorn the space with more life.

4. Bright Blues and Citrus Oranges!

While everything in the living room shown in this illustration falls in perfect place, there is something that is not only eye-catching but also innovative and budget-friendly. The wise idea for those who love pocket-friendly interiors would be to go for bright materialization. Bright blue furnishing attired with citrus orange cushions as shown are all the reason to keep the living room colourful and full of energy. To ace the space with more life, you can go for minimal lighting and a brief wall decor!

5. Burst of Bright Colours

Whether you love your favourite ceramic vase collections or those red velvet cushions, bring them on right into your living room area! Rich colours such as beige, off-white pastels, teal, and blue are just amazing at it can be to breathe more energy to your interior design concept. To fuse the looks with vibrant energy, you can toss in some bright cushions, pale-glow lights, and off-white table spreads.

6. Add Some Cherry Tint to Your Study Space

If you have a home office or a personal study space, you should never miss out on adding some colourful shades there. Instead of adding too many colours, you can go for minimal shades towards the random corners of the area. Rich hues such as cherry red and glossy white are perfect combos to revive your study interiors with an elegant finish.

7. Peachy Shades are All You Need!

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If you have a soft-toned living room that is a reflection of everything calm and soothing to the senses, then this idea is definitely for you! A gorgeous pearl-white toned living room such as the one shown in the illustration can be relished with life by adding some peach-toned furnishing. To crown the looks with a splendid makeover, you can go for a small glass centre table and white cushions!

8. Brighten the Space with Some Lemon Yellow

Bright shades are really helpful in illuminating the space with more light and energy. And this illustration is a perfect example of one such theme where a single shade breathes energetic life throughout the entire space. Yes, it is definitely yellow! And not just yellow, we're boasting about lemon yellow! A lemon yellow-tinted wall goes beautifully well with minimal wood-themed materialization and lighting, thereby helping you bring out the most of your living room area.

9. Splash Some Colour in Your Bathroom

While adding interior shades to every corner in your house, never forget to cover your bathroom space as well! While this area needs only minimal touch to perfection, you can be wise in choosing what you want to highlight its gorgeousness. Bright yellow chandeliers and ceramic container-style bath essentials are a great idea to add some vibrant energy in your bathing paradise. To add to the complete look, you can pop in some colourful scented candles and artificial flowers beautifully cased in a silver-tinted ceramic vase.

Which concept are you planning to master in your interior design plan this 2020? Keep us posted in the comments section below!

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