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Amazing Bathroom Trends to Follow Up this 2020

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This 2020 is definitely a well-planned year for all your resolutions, routines, and of course, a mind-blowing home makeover! When we speak about home decor and the A to Z related to it, we really mean to cover each and every corner of your house. Whether it is a kitchen or a bedroom or even that chatting corner of your living room, every bit of the space needs its noteworthy makeover!

So today at Homify, we're going to give a quick guide to a trendsetting bathroom makeover to follow up this 2020. 

Continue reading to find out more on how to set a trend in your bathroom space!

1. Add Some Glass for all That Gloss!

Kids Bathroom Space Polygon Modern style bathrooms
Space Polygon

Kids Bathroom

Space Polygon

Glass is one of the most efficient materials that can be seamlessly utilized in your bathroom. Apart from ceramic ware and tile-toned effect, glass makes the way for an astounding finish and makeover. A compact division walled with glass towards that peaceful corner seamlessly paves the way for a fun-filled shower area. This idea is not only trend-setting, but also adds a glossy touch to your bathroom.

2. Why Not Play with Some Bright Tint

When it comes to adding posh looks to your bathroom, you can sometimes choose a single idea to flaunt it all!

Yes, you heard it right! Go for a bright tint of a dominating shade throughout the different alignments and materialization of your bathroom space. For instance, this illustration portrays a marvellous bathroom that is shaded with rich shades of green brilliantly fused with the flooring, cabinetry, and walls. 

When you go for this sort of an idea, you can definitely look forward to having a masterpiece of a bathroom!

3. Chandeliers Do Have a Place Here!

Gone are the days when chandeliers were a vital part of your living room, especially to flaunt your decor during parties and get-togethers. Minimal chandeliers with bright yellow lights are a perfect idea to show off those awe-inspiring looks your bathroom has got. But make sure to go for simple yet elegantly finished chandeliers to keep the look clutter-free and chic.

4. Definitely Bright Lighting!

A wise inclusion of rich bright lights towards the alignment of your washing area is a perfect idea to illuminate the entire bathroom space. But make sure to opt for dazzling white lights so that the look completes off to a royal finish. With the help of your lighting experts, you can seal some bright tube lights and disguise your bathroom with posh looks. 

5. Patterned Tile Walls

Simple And Clean Traditional Bathroom... Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd Modern style bathrooms
Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd

Simple And Clean Traditional Bathroom…

Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd

A velvety touch to every inch in your bathroom is now made even more simple and gorgeous. All you need is a black tile-themed wall that runs throughout the major corner of your bathroom space. To finish the look with an added touch of excellence, make sure to go for minimal bright white lights throughout the adjacent corners of your bathroom.

6. Block Walls and Ceramics!

Try the classic style and brush your bathroom with the chic look it deserves! Go for rich ceramic ware that perfectly fuses with the block-themed walls and floor. To keep the look royal yet elegant, a beige-brown combo done to the walls and floor is a great idea. With posh ceiling lights and air purifying crotons, this idea is a great makeover to boast your trendy bathroom this year!

7. Dazzling Walls is a Big Hit!

This is one our personal favourites! While everything in this concept falls in perfect place, there's just one thing that is amazingly tremendous and totally eye-pecking. Yes, we're talking about the glossy wall in the illustration. This idea is a great pick, especially if you want to make the best out of something simple. Go for a gold-brown glazed wall tile effect and don't forget to master the trick by adding bright yellow lights. The result—you get to witness a sparkling bathroom that's gorgeous and simply breathtaking!

So are you ready to trend with a gorgeous bathroom makeover this 2020? Let us know what you think..!

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