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Trending Wall Covering Ideas Not to Be Missed this 2020!

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When it comes to home decor and interior designs, there's just one word that rules this department—Focus focus and of course FOCUS! 

Putting your home interior concepts to practice could sometimes become a tedious task and you really have no idea about what you might miss an eye on! Post your interior decor regime, you might actually sigh a breath of relief and relax your heart out. But this moment doesn't last long until you find all those nasty speckles and ugly looking walls standing against you, only to demean your beautiful decor. 

But you needn't worry at all! With Homify by your side there's not a single reason to keep your creative ideas gone for waste.

So today, we're going to help you with trending wall covering ideas you should never miss this 2020. Continue reading to grasp really helpful tips!

1. Shelve Your Memories

Seek the assistance of your carpenters and nail a couple of hardwood shelves on the wall. To fuse the look with more vibrancy, align your favourite photos and ceramic collections to cover up the mess from that unlikely wall. Voila, now you've got a makeover done to cover up your wall and no one will even notice what the mess was all about!

2. Show Off with Some Photos

Just hang a few photographs and your certificates in a photo frame effect on the wall you wish to cover. To add to the looks, just push in a couple of crotons in a pearl-white ceramic pot on either side. The finish is not only captivating but also helps in getting rid of that otherwise unlikely wall!

3. Go for a Minimal Wall Decal

With a wide array of wall decals available in both offline and online stores, you needn't worry about adding some cover to your wall. Go for a minimal creeper-patterned wall decal and make the way for veiling your wall with a beautiful finish.

4. Why Not Think of a Functional Idea..?!

A pair of wall mirrors of your choice is all you need to cover your wall with an elegant touch! To make the look more crisp and professional, don't forget to go for minimal ceiling lights and a small glass table at the peaceful centre below the mirrors.

5. Light it Up

the highlight wall in the living room Hasta architects Modern walls & floors
Hasta architects

the highlight wall in the living room

Hasta architects

If you love chandeliers, then this concept is a sure win for the folk like you! Instead of hanging a chandelier from the ceiling, just have it wrought onto the wall you wish to cover up. And make sure you light it up every time you have guests because the dazzling beauty of this concept is all about hiding that otherwise messy wall!

6. Themed Stickers do the Rounds!

Butterfly motifs on the wall Hasta architects Modern walls & floors
Hasta architects

Butterfly motifs on the wall

Hasta architects

If you want to cover your wall with an idea that is extremely budget-friendly and innovative, then try this one! Just get a bunch of butterfly-themed stickers and have them cluttered on the wall you desire to veil with some magic. To complete the look with a professional touch, go for dim lights that are totally minimal and calm!

7. Wall Paintings are the Best

A creative homemaker like you is never far away from being an artist! That being said, you should really be happy if you have a messy wall in your house. Sometimes you could do this all by yourself! Just take your palette and brush and dab the wall with a fusion of contemporary wall paintings that make a tremendous makeover by covering your wall. To add more life to this finish, go for bright corner lights to illuminate your artistic creativity!

8. Wall Hangings Might Help

Minimal finish to perfection is one of the ideal desires of folks who love to keep it simple yet elegant. And if this sounds like you, then try this one! Go for simple wall hangings-it could be anything from your favourite paintings to those vintage-style deer horn decals! And finish the look with bright white lights and make the way for a gorgeous wall makeover!

9. Add Some Flower Power!

It is not an easy thing to have bright flowers dangling on your wall inside the house. But with colourful decals, this is definitely possible! Just stick bright flower and creeper-themed wall decals on your wall and pave the way for a gorgeous makeover like never before.

10. The Torchlight Effect

This concept is one of our favourites! The idea might seem too simple to catch up but believe us, the finish is simply marvellous and just wow! All you need is a few pairs of vintage-style torchlight-themed wall lights. Just have them nailed to the wall in a random pattern and light them up to witness a glorious wall makeover that's too dreamy and gorgeous!

11. Light Up the Shelves

A functional concept such as this is not only helpful in covering your wall but also fosters the essence of creativity. Seek the assistance of your carpenters and make cute box-shaped shelves. Next, have them mounted on the wall and don't forget to have each of these shelves lit with cute soft lights. What next—just shelve your favourite photos and vase collections and take immense pride with the final makeover!

12. A Cute Cloudy Wall!

Simple ideas are one of the best sources to achieving perfect home interiors. And our final idea is not an exception in this case! All you got to do is just dab your wall, preferably the ceiling area with sky blue matte-effect paint. Next, just take a cleaning sponge and dip it in soft white paint and dust the ceiling as soon as it dries with random cloudy patterns. To get that heavenly cloudy look, don't forget to light up the room with bright white light! And wow!!! The finish is too breathtaking and professional!

So which is your ideal pick to cover your wall..?! Let us know what you think..!
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