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A Gorgeous Little Home

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It does sometimes happen that the longer you live in one place, the harder it is to get rid of items accumulated over the years. Not too surprising, seeing as we grow quite attached to our possessions, whether it’s furniture or little decorative pieces. This makes it quite hard to be able to make logical decisions when it comes to living environments that have become tired and need a bit of change.

In cases like these, it is always a good idea to bring in a new pair of eyes with a fresh perspective, as in the following case where Cervera Sánchez Architects were brought in when a family felt that their little Mexican house deserved an update. 

What decisions were made? What does the end result look like? We’re about to find out…

Restoring the facade features

Merida, Mexico, a place known for its rich history and striking scenery. Here is where our homify 360° story takes place. The local weather here always seems to be stifling hot, resulting in many homes starting to slowly crumble and portray looks way past their heyday. 

Soon after bringing in our experts, Cervera Sánchez Architects, for their professional opinion, the owners of the house were encouraged to keep the original features of their colonial facade. Wise choice indeed, as above we can see what the original features look like fully restored. Charming and beautiful, with a fresh coat of tranquil blue added to bring out the serenity of the facade.

Refreshing the interiors

From a fresh facade to a calming interior, we brace the inside spaces of the house, where the sky blue paint makes way for a snow white coating. Filled with light (both natural and artificial), this sunny seating space has been designed to function as a socialising hotspot. Adding a rich amount of original heritage features to that crisp white hue has resulted in a very stylish new look for this home’s second phase. 

We adore the striking patterned floor tiles, an original piece from the house’s previous life that has been freshly restored, making for a praise-worthy focal point. Bringing colour and pattern to the space, they also whisper a piece of history into this new modern phase of the house.

Looks can be deceiving

Although the house is a mere 220-square metre design, it appears to be much bigger. However, they say size doesn’t matter, and it’s what you do with it that counts. We tend to agree when looking at this space. 

A lot of old spaces made use of double-high ceilings. This house is no exception, and that extra space is enhanced superbly by the new wall of glazing added to the entrance that leads out onto the central courtyard.

A fresh phase

By the time the homeowners contacted our experts to help them refresh and extend their home, they had occupied their space for quite a while. In that time, they had learned what worked and what they could do without. 

One of the major factors that required attention was the lack of natural light, as many rooms appeared quite dark and unsettling – an issue that is found in many older homes. 

Our experts’ recommendation? Creating a central courtyard, pictured above. As you can see, the opening has kick-started a fresh phase for the entire house, allowing it to benefit from an abundance of fresh, natural light. And, of course, a garden is always an excuse to introduce some plants and flowers onto the scene.

Striking touches

A decent dose of creativity was saved for the kitchen; no surprise, seeing as it is the heart of the home. 

There is no overlooking those splendid surfaces adorned with eye-catching, multi-coloured wall tiles. Boosting the backsplash and the bottom space of the kitchen island, those patterned tiles are a pure delight in this culinary space. 

And the perfect addition to contrast with those squares? An extractor with a uniquely curved shape, which deserves full marks as far as noteworthy touches go. 

We are crazy about zhooshing up existing spaces, which is why we want to help you when it comes to Adding modern spice to kitchen walls.

A 365-day dream

One of the major considerations in this house was the notion that the house could be used during any season. But seeing as this is Mexico, and the majority of those seasons are adorned with hot sunshine, there was only one logical step: adding a fantastic swimming pool and covered deck area for those summer gatherings between family and friends. 

When is a renovation truly successful? That definitely depends on the client, but our opinion is that it needs to include touches of the previous structure/lifestyle that can co-exist perfectly with the new additions of the modern era. And do we think that Cervera Sánchez Architects have succeeded? A most definite yes!

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