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Flaunt Your Home with these 10 Spectacular Small Kitchen Ideas

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Having small spaces in your house is never a drawback as long as you know how to make optimum use of the entire ambience. And we should never forget that being compact actually paves the way for that cute yet chic finish!

So today at Homify, we're going to take you to a brief illustrative tour to 10 spectacular small kitchen ideas that you should definitely not miss this season!

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1. Add Some Colourful Vibes

Modern Kitchen HomeLane.com Small kitchens

Modern Kitchen


Did you know that adding rich and sassy bright colours to your kitchen cabinets could actually bring out an illuminating space that's too cute to avoid?! If you're still having a doubt, just take a look at our first illustration—a gorgeous kitchen is made to look like a heavenly cooking paradise with a minimal finish brushed on the cabinets. To highlight the look with posh beauty, the kitchen designers have carefully fused rich brown-tinted cabinets with a random pea-green hue. And the lighting is something that adds to the overall gorgeousness of this amazing idea!

2. Ideal and Spacious Wall Cabinets

Small Modern Kitchen with enough storage capacity HomeLane.com Small kitchens

Small Modern Kitchen with enough storage capacity


Too much clutter and mess in a small kitchen is a big NO! To give life to this concept, ideal and spacious cabinets are crafted on the wall as well as below the counter to catch hold of all the cooking essentials and crockery. This look not only saves some space but adds a bravo of a finish to your compact kitchen!

3. The Matte Effect

If you want to bring out an astounding look from your small kitchen, then this concept might be of great help! A rich blue-matte finish to the entire cabinetry row as shown in this illustration is simply marvellous and adds a matte-toned glow to the entire space. Splendid white lights finish the overall look with ultimate gorgeousness!

4. Take a Seat While You Cook!

With this amazing idea in mind, you needn't stand anymore while you stir your delicious soup! A cute table-themed cooking countertop fused with a couple of chairs is a thoughtful idea to take a seat while you cook! Now that's awe-inspiring and functional, isn't it..?!

5. Clutter-free Corners

While your kitchen might be already small, overcrowding the space isn't a great idea. To combat this little worry, make some space for nesting heavy materials and electronics as shown in this illustration. This idea fits the bill of making use of every corner in a neat and sophisticated manner.

6. The Ply Finish

The kitchen shown in this illustration is just like a piece of an ice-cream cake..! To bring out that sheer gorgeous finish, the designers have beautifully aligned the look with a chic ply finish. Now that's what you call small yet splendid kitchen blessed with a top-notch professional look!

7. Lighting Does it All!

While everything in this illustration falls in perfect place, there's something that adds to the cuteness of this small kitchen concept. Yes, we're adding some shade on the lighting! Rich yellow lights that are beautifully aligned under the cabinets, on the ceiling, and inside the small glass-cased cupboards are too spectacular and gorgeous to take the eyes off!

8. Purple Purple Everywhere..!

Purple is a mind-boggling colour that brings out the best looks when used in interior design. And this tint is not to be missed in your kitchen as well! A matte-purple finish brushed on every bit of your kitchen cabinetry paves the way for that astounding and glossy kitchen you'd dreamed of! 

9. Blue, White, and the Ceramics

A beautiful combo of blue-toned cabinets makes the way for an astounding when fused with pearl-white walls and blinds. To toss the look with ultimate gorgeousness, shelving some posh ceramic ware is a great and mind-blowing idea!

10. Go the Vintage Way

The aroma of beef steak getting that final toss of red wine in the pan is too amazing, especially if you're standing in a vintage-themed kitchen like the one portrayed in this illustration! A compact kitchen such as this is revived to life with a beautiful classic theme brushed with gorgeous low-hung chandeliers and a dim-lit ambience. Whether it is the aromatic Maplewood furniture or that all-wood finish that sits beautifully on a concrete-paved kitchen, this concept is an irresistible theme for those who love things the vintage way!

Cooking in a small kitchen wouldn't have been so much fun..! Which one of these is your favorite? Keep us posted without fail..!

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