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10 Luxurious Villa Designs You Could Swear By

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Bringing yourself home to a luxurious villa could sometimes give that feeling of spending some extra bucks from your savings. But, there's never a reason to worry because all villas nowadays are featured with astounding looks and posh finish, making every penny of yours worth the buy. But before going ahead with your property buying decision, you've got to know which design or amenity suits you the best.

So today at Homify, we're going to feature a brief illustrative guide with our list of 10 amazing luxurious villas you could swear by!

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1. The Classic Look

A balanced proportion of concrete design in a 2-storey finish with ample space for parking and recreational activities makes this villa a classical buy. For those of you who look forward to having a relaxed lifestyle with family, this house might seamlessly fit the bill of your desires. Whether it is the classic iron-grilled gate or the 80's style finish to the terrace and the walls, this villa showcases a great fusion of classic and luxury.

2. Asymmetric Theme

This villa is designed to perfection in an asymmetric finish to captivate a second look from everyone on the street! Whether it is the choice of window alignments or the asymmetric balcony concept hearted right at the centre of the building, this villa has everything to indulge in a luxurious lifestyle.

3. Royal Villa for Ultimate Luxury

Best Architectural Firms in Cochin Creo Homes Pvt Ltd Villas
Creo Homes Pvt Ltd

Best Architectural Firms in Cochin

Creo Homes Pvt Ltd

A classic villa with the traditional rooftop design, attic-style windows, gothic architecture, and posh lighting such as the one in this illustration could add a new meaning to what a royal lifestyle is all about. To ace the looks with an ultimate finish, the designers have given a royal makeover to the roofs, lighting, wall tint, and the majestic frontiers. 

4. Barn-Style Villa with Glass Extension

A barn-style villa is best suited for those who prefer a peaceful lifestyle away from the honks and buzzes of the city. The house in this illustration is exactly what we're talking about! A traditional yet luxurious roof-style barn villa is highlighted with a posh makeover with a glass-walled extension makes the way for an extravagant living. To ace the looks with a serene finish, the exterior is finished with a simple lawn, adding a calm and chic touch to this luxurious barn-style villa.

5. The Ultimate Glass Room Extension

A gorgeous glass room extension based towards the entrance corner is an amazing idea to add some flavour to modern house design. A medium-sized room extension with walls completely furnished with glass is an added touch to perfection that makes this luxurious villa look gorgeous and subtle. The makeover is given an ultimate sense of royalty with posh upholstery and lighting that fuse with the gorgeous exterior facade.

6. Heightened Roof as an Added Element

This villa design is a fusion of modern and classic architecture. The finish is revived with ultimate luxury with a heightened roof segment aligned towards the corner of the house, adding a signature element to this modern villa. To ace the looks with a glorious finish, the designers have balanced the lighting, off-white wall tints, and minimal materialization for a crisp yet sophisticated finish.

7. Canopy of Glass

A decent concrete villa with ample space for parking and outdoor fun activities is what this house is all about. But the gorgeousness of the finish doesn't end there! To cherish the looks with a splendid makeover, crystal clear see-through glass is aligned throughout the top floor and the terrace area, adding a modish makeover to this luxurious villa. 

8. Detached Parking Space

Having a detached parking space quite some distance away from the main building might be a creative idea to flaunt some exterior space. And this concept beautifully revives the looks of this luxurious villa! A pillared and concrete-roofed parking area quite some distance away from the villa adds a complimentary statement to the overall exterior facade. This concept might suit those who wish to utilize their exterior space for something innovative and functional. 

9. Colour-Blocked Finish

Architects in thrissur Prithvi Homes Villas
Prithvi Homes

Architects in thrissur

Prithvi Homes

A colour-blocked wall effect and a contrasting finish of dark brown, beige, and yellow and rich lighting is what makes this villa a luxurious piece of perfection. To disguise the finish with a tremendous makeover, the designers have chosen to element rich choice of lighting and large glass wall panels, paving the way for ultimate sophistication. 

10. Lavish Pool Makeover

Exterior Residential 3D Rendering ThePro3DStudio Bungalows Yellow

Exterior Residential 3D Rendering


A posh lifestyle comes to life with a lavish pool at the exterior frontier of this modern villa. Spacious seating amenities and spa-themed finish to the pool highlights the luxurious and modern villa that stands behind this majestic pool. The design of this luxurious villa paves the way for a sophisticated lifestyle with a burst of unbound enjoyment. 

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