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The majestic bungalow with modern elegance and lush garden views

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Raja Chulan Bungalow - 6 Bedroom Modern House MJ Kanny Architect Modern style balcony, porch & terrace
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Architectural firm MJ Kanny Architect has been at the forefront of design excellence since it was established in 2002. Located in Kuala Lumpur, the entire team at MJ Kanny Architect is fully passionate about providing first-rate results when it comes to clients’ unique needs and wants. 

Award-winning boutique-size projects, with a high degree of customisation and personal involvement from the client, drive the daily operations of this architectural company. Sustainable residential projects, particularly bungalows and houses, make up the majority of MJ Kanny Architect’s ever-increasing portfolio, and the firm has even been named as one Malaysia's top 10 architects in 2018. Other noteworthy awards that the firm has walked away with include the Pam Gold Award 2018, Pam Commendation 2019, and the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019.

Their project that we’re viewing today? Raja Chulan Bungalow, a six-bedroom house situated on a triangular plot of land in Kuala Lumpur. With a strong link between the exteriors and interiors, this striking property flaunts filters made from green vertical walls and screens on the outside, announcing that there’s a lush factor all round. 

‘Modern tropical’ is the best way to describe this project’s design style. And with an area layout of 1115 m², this not-too-shabby size is ideal for homeowners who are big on socialising! And the total cost of this project? A very cool $1,280,000.

Let’s explore…  

The living room

Aiding in MJ Kanny Architect’s reputation and appeal is the fact that most of its work flaunts a high degree of integration between interiors and exteriors, resulting in a seamless indoor-outdoor vibe.  That much is clear here in the sublime living room, with the fresh greens of the lush garden views seeping indoors (thanks to the majestic windows and glass doors) to become part of the interiors' colour palette. 

The modern kitchen

Sleek modern kitchen MJ Kanny Architect Modern style kitchen
MJ Kanny Architect

Sleek modern kitchen

MJ Kanny Architect

A hop and a skip away from the living room, and the adjoining dining zone, is where we locate the equally modern kitchen. This cooking zone gets to share in that remarkable garden view, and no cook here need ever feel left out of the conversation thanks to the seamless open-plan layout. 

The master bedroom

The immaculate style continues into the more private areas of the house. Case in point, the master suite, although the design style here starts leaning more towards a classical look with bits and pieces of modern / contemporary pieces and finishes scattered here and there.

And notice that, unlike the open social spaces of the house, this bedroom resorts to a cleaner, calmer look with its neutral / creamy colour palette.

The master bathroom

A majestic bedroom deserves a matching en-suite bathroom—and the experts in charge here most definitely delivered! 

Providing a spacious layout with all the necessities (legroom, storage, lighting, etc.), this bathroom also gets to share in those lush foliage views.

Our favourite piece here? Most definitely that classic-style chandelier dangling above the curvy bathtub—now that's how you ensure a regal touch for bath time!

The studio roof terrace

Studio Roof terrace MJ Kanny Architect Modern style balcony, porch & terrace
MJ Kanny Architect

Studio Roof terrace

MJ Kanny Architect

Just when we thought this home couldn't get more lavish, we walk into the rooftop space dedicated to entertaining and/or relaxation. Notice that there's a definite link with the downstairs living / socialising areas in terms of furniture style and colour palettes. And of course those lush garden trimmings, which seem to surround the entire house, are a constant delight.

Shall we sneak around to see what else we can discover in these majestic interiors?

Master Bathroom vanity counter MJ Kanny Architect Modern style bathrooms
MJ Kanny Architect

Master Bathroom vanity counter

MJ Kanny Architect

Staircase with Atrium MJ Kanny Architect Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
MJ Kanny Architect

Staircase with Atrium

MJ Kanny Architect

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Can you see yourself living (and entertaining) in this majestic dream space?
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