6 smart ways of overcoming the challenges of small spaces

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The challenges of a small home are multiple, and if you are blessed with a large family or frequently have guests over, then a small home means that you constantly have to worry about how to make every member comfortable in it. You thus have to look for creative ways and make use of ideas that will help your family or guests to make effective use of every available space in your modest abode. This is especially true while contemplating small space furniture – which almost always has to be multifunctional and aesthetic, too.

From beds that fold and merge with the wall, to ottomans that double as storage boxes, as well as multipurpose coffee tables to day beds and others; innovative furniture helps make any small space appear larger than it actually is. So when you are shopping for small space furniture, you do not have to give up on the style of the furniture. Rather, all you need to do is look around for smart and visually appealing multi-purpose items, and you are ready to go. Here are some tricks and tips which will help you fit more people in a small space without compromising on the comfort factor.

A foldable table or bed is must

Foldable beds and tables top the list when it comes to furnishing a small home. The growing demand for such furniture has caused the market to become flooded with numerous creative designs of folding beds and tables. Take your pick from Murphy beds, which can be folded into a space built in the wall, choose from wall tables, or make use of “The Floyd Leg” to create a table out of any flat surface. 

The choice is yours when it comes to investing in these to make your small room appear larger. The next time a guest pops over and plans to stay the night, don’t fret because you don't have an extra bedroom. Just pull out your folding bed and let him or her have a good night’s sleep.

Foldable book shelf for the practical bookworm

modern Living room by KwiK Designmöbel GmbH
KwiK Designmöbel GmbH

Ambivalenz Fläpps Regalsystem

KwiK Designmöbel GmbH

Another nifty idea which will surely make all the book lovers in your home extremely happy is to buy a foldable bookshelf, which makes use of the vertical space or wall and saves on the floor area. These bookshelves can be expanded based on your growing book collection - perfect for book lovers! 

When buying a foldable bookshelf for your small home, check it for stability and sturdiness. Also, invest in something which would be able to easily hold quite a number of books, and not give way. Take a cue from this intelligent and sleek contemporary bookshelf designed by Kwik Designmobel GMBH, suppliers of furniture and accessories from Lemgo.

A tiny but strong led light can work wonders

 Household by Ledseco



It is a commonly known fact that lighting affects the overall ambiance of a living space, which is why home owners pay special attention towards the lighting of their residences. For all of you who are expecting to have many people visiting your small home, having many tiny but strong LED lights will help create a comfortable environment without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Call an electrician and start installing more LED lights right away. They also produce less heat and are energy efficient, so you will get to benefit from reduced utility bills too!

Elevated storage can be a blessing

eclectic Living room by FUNDAMENTAL.BERLIN

A Few Of My Favourite Things


Installing elevated storage is another extremely simple way of saving on the floor space of your home, and thus making things more comfortable and clutter-free for your guests. Elevated storage, such as vertically stacked floating shelves, mezzanine floor storage, or even having your bed on an elevated platform and using its base as storage space, can be smart moves to make way for more people. 

You can also get quirky or personalised shelving units installed, just like the one shown above. These are great for displaying artefacts or decorative knick-knacks. Ceiling hung storage, hanging baskets from wall hooks, and floating cabinets are other cool ideas to keep stuff organized and to make sure that clutter stays out of your way.

Use the space outside your home for storage

Never forget the space just outside your home – the porch, your balcony or even your terrace and roof. Every inch of space is valuable, and you should make the most of the space outside your home by using them for storage. 

You could choose to get a small storage shed placed in your garden or porch to house bicycles, tricycles and garden tools, or choose to place a couple of chairs with cushions in your porch. Put the space just outside your home to good use, by getting a shoe cabinet which can be locked. It is also a great idea to cleverly conceal the storage places by adding the right decorative accents—and kill two birds with a single stone – create storage and decorate the place too. All you need to do is get a little creative, and turn that empty porch or terrace into a covert storage area!

Divide and rule with curtains

modern Windows & doors by LOVELY HOME IDEA

Yellow Ombre linen curtain by Lovely Home Idea


Need to compartmentalise space or need privacy, but don’t want to build partitions? Then curtains are your best bet. Drapes are the most reliable method of partitioning a room without being heavy on the pocket too. So buy curtains in your favourite print and create a personal zone. Choose from heavier fabrics such as velvet and suede if you want to have more privacy, and opt for lighter fabrics such as cotton, chiffon and net if all you need is a separate work area.

We are sure that you now have multiple ideas on how to make your small home comfortable for more people. So what are you waiting for? Implement a few of the above tips and watch your modest abode become a fun, neat and snug sanctuary. Here is another ideabook to inspire you - Six easy steps to give your living room a brand new look!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
 Prefabricated Home by FingerHaus GmbH

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