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6 brilliant lighting ideas for a cosy vibe

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The right kind of lighting is not just a beacon of hope and happiness; it can create a beautiful ambience in your home too. For instance, ambient lighting provides a general overall illumination which can be achieved through track lights, wall mounted lights, chandeliers, or recessed lights. These help you to go about your daily activities with ease, and are bright but cosy. 

On the other hand, when you are focused on a task like reading, cooking, playing games or sewing, then desk lamps, floor lamps, pendant lighting and under-cabinet lighting can be more beneficial. They are devoid of distracting glares and don’t cause straining of eyes. And when you are looking to create a certain mood, add drama, or highlight a certain architectural or decorative focal point, then accent lighting is your best bet. Recessed, track and wall mounted picture lighting can suit your purpose for this.

Remember that lighting is also about letting the right amount of natural light pervade your interiors through curtains, shutters or blinds, providing a bit of shadow play. So when you are planning to light up your abode, provide variety by using different lights at different heights and locations. Keep different parts of a room at different brightness levels. Incorporate dimmer switches so that the mood of a space can be altered as per your wish instantly! For more ideas, read on.

Go for a fireplace or use candles

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Candles can add light and provide a great focal point in any area of the house. They can also lend soothing warmth to a room. Use a sufficient smattering of candles to illuminate a space effectively and add a positive aura. Or if you need more light and warmth, a fireplace can be the perfect solution, be it in your living room, dining room or bedroom. Check out this futuristic model by Diligence International Ltd, suppliers of fireplaces and accessories from Devon, UK.

If you have a traditional fireplace or are getting one built, then try arranging a row of candles atop the fireplace to create a classic and charming look. Tall candles can also be grouped in one corner of the fireplace, adding style to the room. Wall sconces can also be placed above the fireplace and candles can be lit to create visual interest with a quirky mix and match theme.

Why you need outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can enhance the architectural details of a house and cast the house in good light, and also add to the curb appeal. Such lighting adds drama to the landscape and highlights the house, adding to its value. Exterior lighting is not only essential for aesthetic appeal but also for security purposes. 

Some of the outdoor lighting techniques used by designers are to provide a naturalistic look that is no more intense than a full moon, but creates shadows and highlights. Uplighting is another technique used in moderation to highlight the house and landscaping. The entryway to the house can do well with focus lights, especially if the space is decorated with artworks or other aesthetic accents. LED lights can be used too, as they are durable and long lasting.

Functional lights are mandatory

As the name suggests, functional lights assist you to perform tasks like reading, sewing, playing a board game, or even writing cheques! Desk lamps, floor lamps or pendant lamps work wonderfully well as functional lights. And these can be visually enticing too. 

Observe how a bedside lamp in black creates a bright but snug spot for relaxing with a book, and complements the wooden wall panelling effectively. The bright colours of the duvet and cushions are added bonus.

Decorative lights for beautification

Decorative light fixtures can be used in the living room to create visual interest, in kitchens to supplement task lighting, in bedrooms to create different moods, and even in bathrooms for some fun and refreshment. 

These types of lights help prevent shadows on the counters while brightening up the workspace. Mounting mini pendants above the work surface can illuminate a breakfast bar, or hanging them above the table can offer effective task lighting. Special home objects can also be illuminated this way. 

Fluorescent lighting can be chosen for ambient lighting in order to give the space a brighter or jazzier feel. Take a cue from the row of sleek pendant lights hanging from the faux ceiling of this living space. These add a bit of quirk to the textured wooden wall and the comfy but austere grey sofa.

The importance of light temperature

For lighting interiors, it is important to consider the temperature of illumination. A warmer light is used to promote relaxation while cooler lights are used to enhance concentration in office buildings. Light sources like fluorescent lamps or LEDs give light that is known as correlated colour temperature. 

Colour temperatures are measured using the Kelvin scale. Temperatures over 5000k are known as cool colours—which appears bluish white—and temperatures between 2700 and 3000K are warm colours, which are yellowish-white through red. 

Standard fluorescents will generally cool down a room. Halogens are best for warming a room’s colour. Compare lumens to see the brightness of a bulb, and look for the Kelvin rating to know how warm or cool the light produced will be. For example, in this room, cool LED lights have been installed on the ceiling to augment the calm feeling produced by the light grey brick wall and other soft grey textiles.

Mix different styles for an innovative result

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It is preferable to mix different styles of lighting, to keep things intriguing. The best way to go about mixing different lighting is to look for tips on how to successfully merge different layouts, styles and moods in lighting and design. 

Achieve the runway effect by staggering path lights along the walkway leading to the entrance. The patio lights need not be perfectly matched, since using similar shapes and finishes would work well too. 

Living and dining areas are places to showcase the myriad lighting styles available nowadays. Interesting light fixtures will make a dramatic statement without overwhelming the visitor. Check out the dining, bar and kitchen space shown above to get inspired. Observe how delicate wall strip lighting, recessed lighting on the ceiling, countertop lighting and a row of gorgeous pendant lights come together to create magic!

We hope our bright ideas have been able to get your creative juices flowing already. If you are still looking for more tips and tricks, here’s another ideabook you can go through - Great Ideas For Indirect Lighting.

How will you be designing your lighting? Let us know in the comments!
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