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Inspiring ideas for rustic living rooms

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The living room where you spend the most time with family and guests can become the perfect venue for celebrating happiest and most memorable moments of life. To make the room presentable and welcoming choose all the elements that they blended beautifully to create the style you want to adopt. While we agree that every homeowner has their own visualization about the living room some basic decor rules should remain along with personal touch. While living room design trends come and go with seasons there are some that remain timeless and can easily be adopted with low budget changes.

One such trend in rustic style which is popular throughout the year and can be tried out to give a stylish uplift to dull living rooms. Colors play an important role in the rustic décor along with furnishings, layout and furniture that can alter the appearance of living area. With help of professionals or even with personal eye for right details you can give a trendy rustic look to your living room. We have gathered some of our most popular rustic style living room designs to help you in this task.

1. Artistic furniture pieces

Have you ever noticed how exciting and attractive the park surrounded by trees looks? Well, if you can't have your living room in the park, you can use colors to replicate the park atmosphere in your living room, such as in this stylish living room where natural colors help create a calming vibe.


2. Do not forget the walls

This living room idea shows how to use walls to bring rustic warmth to the living room. On one side, the wall has been given an attractive background with decorative painting and wood paneling so that it matches the unique pattern of the region. The wooden paneled wall adjoining it is adorned with handy porcelain items and flower pots that further enhances the beauty of the room adorned with eclectic lighting system.

3. Enjoy the sunlight

A rustic living room is incomplete without large windows that allows one to enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. When the sun is hot during summer use heavy curtains to protect the furniture. Light wooden decorative pieces and medium color palette of the room make it look refreshing at all hours of the day.

4. With a rustic wall

When the space inside the living room is used properly, you can make preparations for clutter free decor, no matter how small the room. Here minimal use of furniture and and small table against the clever backdrop of wood cladding on the wall all accommodated within a limited area with good use of space and the confluence of beige and white colors here are unforgettable!


5. Blessed with attractive colors

The beauty of colors are those magical solutions that can create illusion of more space inside your living room. Looking at this colorful living room design it seems as if it is not a meeting place but a magical room. This room designed by SNS Lush Designs and Home Decor Consultancy. It is an enchanting mix of light toned furnishings, warm brown sofa against orange tinted walls, sparkling chandelier and white lacy curtains on the window that complete the picture.

6. Brick wall and appropriate furnishings

The daring brick wall here enhances the rustic furnishings and mix of multiple seating arrangements that gives in an air of relaxed surroundings. Just as life is rustic or countryside is laid back and fuss free the cozy living room here has been decorated with small and large furniture pieces to synchronize the decor. The right mix of pieces balance the room layout which shows that one can be as comfortable sitting on the floor as on the sofa.

7. Comfort amidst simplicity

Every decor style comes with its pros and cons but you can never fail with rustic living room style. The entire living room furniture here is designed of wood that appears timeless and attractive. Bright hand embroidered cushions liven up the room as much as the blue door with brass touches. With light tiles in the living room, you can choose the furniture with ease and leave it bare. One of our most popular rustic living room ideas is simple wood furniture and cotton furnishings against neutral walls, floor and ceiling.

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