10 Beautiful modern home designs for the urban family

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Canopy House - Kuala Lumpur, MJ Kanny Architect MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style houses
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Several factors have contributed to changes in the shape, design, and patterns of homes around the world. With the help of new technologies, improvements have been made to make buildings more long-lasting and safer. These advances have helped to improve the quality of construction materials, designs and other details that have also opened up many possibilities for homeowners. Color, artistry and elegance is found in every Malaysian home whether it is in a small town or a modern apartment in the skyscrapers of growing cities. Our home design ideas are usually inspired by our rich traditional designs because we prefer natural colors.

Home designers over time have developed taste and expertise to integrate modern design with traditional details. Our interior designers work hard to combine modern decor with innovative and inspiring design ideas to turn building into a home. So if you are renovating your home or are thinking of building a new one house, consider our interior decorators of the city who can build and decorate homes in every budget. This idea book contains samples of some uniquely designed homes creates by our builders which you can try and adopt.

1. Home lighted from within

The beautiful glass facade of this house was made for eclectic combination of natural light with artificial light by bringing together open living area under a quirky sloping roof and putting all of this is a modern building style home. The large windows are the most the distinctive feature of this house that brings in natural light till late evening and makes the abode look like a beautiful beacon at night when interior lights are switched on.

2. Choose colors you love

Contemporarily Dashing | BUNGALOW, Design Spirits Design Spirits Living room
Design Spirits

Contemporarily Dashing | BUNGALOW

Design Spirits

Using the right colors can help you adopt the ideal modern ambiance that you want to bring into the house but try not to ignore your personal taste in colors. Here neutral colors in the background walls like white, black and brown retain the modern look but warm furniture tones bring vibrancy to the room. Colors can also be added through accessories on the wall or display area and even through colored cushions or paintings. Consider modern color combinations for every room to make the home's interiors for a truly modern house idea.

3. Contemporary design

Modern homes designed in contemporary style have light, clean and simple features with wide open spaces, over-sized windows and doors and minimal decorative elements to allow clean air and light to enter the home. Wood is used more and more on the outside of the house and the main door and exterior walls are also given a touch of wood. The style is inspired by fifties homes, which have both raised pointed and flat roofs. The interior areas of these houses are open and adorned with geometrical shapes such as this house whose upper floor balconies have decorative fiber glass elements.

4. Forest style structure

view of the house from the street below MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style houses garden
MJ Kanny Architect

view of the house from the street below

MJ Kanny Architect

This house is meant for the modern home lover who wants to remain rooted to nature. The soft grey and black tones are attractively blended with white to showcase a home that coordinates will against the thick foliage of green in the background. MJ Kanny Architects have used several tricks to create a modern look for this home with charming combination of glass, wood and concrete. The slanting roof is ideal to manage the heavy rainfall and fierce sun typical of Malaysia. The strong stone boundary wall makes the entire structure distinct from others homes in the neighborhood.

5. Wide open courtyard

Luxury Bungalows @ Lorong Gurney Kuala Lumpur, Mode Architects Sdn Bhd Mode Architects Sdn Bhd Tropical style houses
Mode Architects Sdn Bhd

Luxury Bungalows @ Lorong Gurney Kuala Lumpur

Mode Architects Sdn Bhd

Recently there have been several changes in exterior and interior decoration style of modern homes and instead of just using plaster and brick on the facade people use stone, wood, fiberglass, steel and other substances to save their abode from natural elements. This traditional style home is built around an open courtyard that also has sun-umbrellas for family members to enjoy. This is a perfect example of modern and traditional design style fusion.

6. Home with an expansive garden

Luxury Bungalow In Sungai Penchala Kuala Lumpur, Mode Architects Sdn Bhd Mode Architects Sdn Bhd Tropical style houses
Mode Architects Sdn Bhd

Luxury Bungalow In Sungai Penchala Kuala Lumpur

Mode Architects Sdn Bhd

The pretty house here has two large balconies, one in the front room and the other with a master bedroom. This house is spread over two floors and its top floor details are hidden from street view by the sloping roof that protects it from harsh sun during summers. The ground floor consists of a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a couple of bedrooms, guest rooms and a stairway to connect the floors where two or three bedrooms, balconies, etc. Beautiful garden with massive pots in the front show and use of eco-friendly friendly designs show that the home's occupants respect the ecology around them.

7. Tall structure

External Facade with Koi Pond MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style houses malaysia,Malaysia,facade,tropical homes
MJ Kanny Architect

External Facade with Koi Pond

MJ Kanny Architect

Have you noticed how some designs make a house look short and squat or tall and imposing or even dark and forbidding or lively and welcoming just by their layout and structure. In general modern homes are characterized by simple clean lines and fuss free layout. A common feature of modern home designs is large sprawling windows and use of natural elements on the facade. This futuristic tall home exudes sophistication with its sleek and classy lines in which steel, aluminium, glass, wood and stone play a prominent role.

8. Layered garden home

MEERA SKY GARDEN HOUSE Guz Architects Modern houses
Guz Architects


Guz Architects

This enchanting multi layered house is one of a kind that has been designed to ensure that every level interacts with gardens and greenery. This architectural wonder designed Guz Architects is a beautiful blend of Asian artistry and oriental beauty and a true symbol of modern style. The interior of the house is contemporary and attractive with enough sunlight through the glass doors, windows and roof. Wood and stone elements add a soothing vibe to the interior and exterior of the house, while the night light creates a cozy atmosphere. Designed for durability and practical life the home also has features like easy maintenance, stylish design, balanced interiors and exteriors and even built-in gardens!!

9. European style

European style houses are also very popular among people that have large plots to design them. These homes are characterized by large windows in the front with arched shape while roof is spread in an arc or square shape. Creepers of colorful flowers generally hang around the roof, main door and windows and to give the front facade an international look, these houses use clay tiles over the balcony awning, followed by wooden or wrought iron railings in the balcony.

10. Exposed beams and industrial style

Modern home designs have personality and the one here displays intrigue in the overall shape as it does not have any decorative details. Like a piece of modern art the home has exposed beams and asymmetrical planes and angles that give it a gritty industrial vibe. The raw roof and pillars on its veranda are in beautiful contract to the pristine white walls on the facade that give it a polished look.

Now that you have selected the house design do not forget to check out interior design color trends of 2020 to make your home truly spectacular.

Which of these home design ideas did you like the best. Do let us know in your comments below. 

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