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Luxurious Tropical style house designed in Jandabaik by Architects MJ Kenny

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Jandabaik Bungalow - Sustainable House Design MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style houses
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This tropical style house with stunning views of the Genting peaks in the distance located in Jandabaik was artistically designed by Architects MJ Kanny to perch on a piece of land jutting atop a hill. The challenge was to preserve the natural beauty and have a abode that blends into its surroundings so the front elevation was created on stilts to preserve the steep slope and trees around the site. As per the client specifications the architects created a BBQ region with a pavilion on one edge of the site and also a rain water retention tank to irrigate the 1 acre site.

Sustainable design elements like wind chimneys and large windows were applied to ensure that mountain air wafts into the house during hot summer months keeping the interiors naturally cool. Glazed windows keep away harsh sunlight while providing stunning views of the hills and valleys before the house. The residence is a symbol of luxury and comfort with eclectic fusion of muted colors spread in every part of the house. Using natural elements to beautify the ceilings in every room of the house, the designers have designed every section with painstaking detail.

Let us explore some some private and public parts of the house in this exclusive tour…

The interior of this house has an elegant mix of informal industrial and modern styles which also helps to make it interesting and unique.

1. Front elevation

The rectangular layout of the modern house built on two levels has a downward sloping roof that keeps the upper regions cool during summer while the glass facade provides stunning views of the hillside. This structure superimposed over the hillside with a strategically placed pillar foundation represents a traditional touch in modern architecture. Large picture windows and brick exteriors are hallmarks of this design and emphasize the strong layout of its striking structure.

2. Front side entrance

Entrance region has been by created combining concrete with stones to withstand the harsh tropical climate of the country. It is on street level that the pathway leads up the driveway into the garage while another section leads to the front entrance The sides are adorned with trees while the tall brick lift shaft designed like a chimney look like an artistic piece. The wide walkway designed like a fashion show catwalk ramp is adorned with brilliant cement seals and brick pieces. The landscapers with the help of owners have created an attractive and welcoming entrance for members and guests.

3. A lavish living room

The lavish layout and structure of this stylish living room will make you wonder is this a dream or reality? This ornate modern meeting is impressive due to its decoration and furniture comprising of light leather upholstered sofas in the room's center and adorned with pillows that look like gems to illuminate the layout. Instead of using a traditional or more common railing for the stairs leading to the upper level, the designers have used slim rods to make the area look open and plush.

4. Cozy dining area

This classic style dining room is no less stylish than a five-star restaurant. The roof has an invisible light arrangement while the microwave is placed at the back to heat the food for convenience. The dining table and chairs are beautifully structured using wood in harmony with the requirements of the room. The layout creates a beautiful atmosphere of food and family discussion.

5. Kitchen for a large family

This inspiring design shows how effective use of space can make every area functional. The combination of open glass and wooden cabinets above and below the counter ensures that every inch is used effectively. A combination of brown granite counters and glass cabinets reflect natural light in the custom designed builtin kitchen layout structured to sustain a large family .

6. Lavish master bedroom

This master bedroom oozes charm and luxury like the rest of the house with its large French windows that give beautiful vistas of the countryside from the bed. The warm wooden floor, lavender hued walls and plants close to the windows add an aura of mystic calm to the bedroom.

7. Connecting corridors

The lower level walkway that lead to the bedrooms are encircled by trellis made of timber and lined with natural bricks that allows free movement of air and keeps this region cool during summers and free of musty air during heavy monsoons.

8. Master Bathroom

The Scandinavian style bathroom here has been built in a unique way with natural elements that are perfect in their place but different from the traditional designs. The stone washbasin seen here set up above expansive cabinet adds life and beauty to this space. The use of light colors and a simple color palette along with the unique glass roof that lets natural light into the bathroom transforms the region.

9. Balcony facade

Outdoor water feature MJ Kanny Architect Tropical corridor, hallway & stairs
MJ Kanny Architect

Outdoor water feature

MJ Kanny Architect

The upper level walkway connecting the guest rooms throws open the vistas of clouds and mountains for residents. Due to its narrow structure the balcony has a glass barrier to avoid accidents when is use to take in this breathtaking view.

10. Stylish staircase

This minimalist style staircase made of metal and wood is a great choice for this home that is built to welcome natural air and light. It also helps to keep the area bright by adding modern elements while it blends in with the plan to give this charmingly designed home an impressive touch.

11. Guest Room

Modern furniture, natural light and artistic ceiling are the main features of this bedroom. A large glass door opening into the balcony makes the cozy bedroom a wonderful place to tuck in for the night!

12. Guest bathroom

Less floor space does not mean that bathroom will be cramped and stuffy. Light colors and open layout give visual depth to the region while the shower area instead of a bathtub saves floor space. Other essentials like shelves or washbasins are wall mounted and plants attached to the wall make the region feel fresh and clean.

13. Low level balcony

Lower-ground balcony MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style balcony, porch & terrace
MJ Kanny Architect

Lower-ground balcony

MJ Kanny Architect

The lower level porch running around the house with a sloping roof is a great area for evening get-together by friends and family present in the house. Perfectly designed to suit all weather conditions one can enjoy cool the evening breeze during summer and enjoy vistas of floating clouds rolling across the mountains during monsoon season.

14. Atrium pantry

Upstairs pantry space overlooking the atrium MJ Kanny Architect Living room
MJ Kanny Architect

Upstairs pantry space overlooking the atrium

MJ Kanny Architect

The classy upstairs pantry space of this house that overlooks the atrium is a great place to enjoy outside views from within. The sloping design and open sections on both sides keep this region relatively cool even during harsh summers.

15. Evening glory

This angular view of the house from the garden below with evening lighting is a sight to behold. Other city residents can see this home like a welcoming beacon of light from miles away and cannot help wishing for a similar abode for themselves.

If this house impressed you we are very sure that this Spectacular home at Selangor will make your eyes pop !!

Which part of this house plan would you like to adopt as your own? Do let us know in your comments below. 

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