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9 creative ways to make inspiring home office

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When working from home generates income, then the work place should be suitable enough to inspire and nurture creative ideas. The home office can be a simple work desk in bedroom with a computer and shelves for essentials or a complete room with books, files, stationery and other essentials dedicated to work. Usually people prefer to turn library or study into office as it is the quietest places in the house where one is least likely to be disturbed. But when free space is lacking in the house these same home offices can be the most neglected and messy spaces in the house.

A modern home office should reflect your personality, taste and also be a restful place where you can work without unexpected interruptions. Though there are no strict rules that need to be followed while designing a home office here are some basic details that can help you to get started. Keep these fundamental pieces in the area designated as home office and then bring in elements that make it uniquely personal. To help you create and design an inspiring home office space we have collated some of the best ideas of our experts that will make you want to incorporate some of these changes.

1. Single user office

Home design of Residence 22, Mont Kiara Norm designhaus Modern style bedroom
Norm designhaus

Home design of Residence 22, Mont Kiara

Norm designhaus

In apartment homes when it is difficult to have a separate room for an office due to scarce floor space then it is ideal to match the office furniture to the decor and color palette of the room where it is arranged. Keep the furniture minimalist like this with light toned furniture complementing furniture of the room. This open desk and single chair is perfect home office idea for the workaholic that needs to carry some office work home and keep details updated before calling it a day.

2. Functional pieces for aesthetic office

Office interior design in Cheras Norm designhaus Office buildings
Norm designhaus

Office interior design in Cheras

Norm designhaus

Using the right furniture for a home office is very important to keep it comfortable and neat even if it is at the dark end of a corridor. Here neat row of shelves behind the work desk keeps all the necessary files, equipment and other details in place while the sharp table is wide enough to hold all details necessary to continue work without interruption. Ambient lighting keeps the otherwise corner home office well lighted at all hours of day and night.

3. The all important memo board

Cork memo board Go4cork Office spaces & stores Cork Wood effect

Cork memo board


Every office whether it is an extension of a regular office, hobby cum business or a regular work area for freelancing business has to be as functional as possible. This means that it has to have all the essential elements that enhance productivity like clutter free work area, important stationery within reach, memo board to keep a tab on important tasks and soothing atmosphere in a stylish home office.

4. Harmonious flow of light

If the home office lacks natural light ensure that the region is suitably lit with appropriate light fitting on the ceiling and also close to the work desk to reduce strain on eyes. The right mix of ceiling lights, drop down pendant lamps and table lamps can help to work late into the night to meet work deadlines. Having a comfortable lounger or sofa and a music system can provide relaxation when you need a break in a smart home office.

5. Personalizing the home office

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW Design Spirits Minimalist bedroom
Design Spirits

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW

Design Spirits

Everyone personalizes their home office with little touches like rugs, paintings, cushions so why not do the same yourself? Make a pretty hand painted papiermache mug for those writing materials and make  bland notepads and sticky notes interesting with cute caricatures. Fill your workspace with vibrant and colorful art made by you to frame it to energize the space and make it inspiring.

6. Generous view

If you don't have any coworker in the home office then working alone can be pretty dull and boring. But as work has to be done and concentration is necessary to make your business a success, methods have to be devised to make work effortlessly. One of these can be to bring the outdoor-in by creating a see through door or French window that gives an expansive view of the great outdoors like here.

7. Interesting details around the work area

Decorate the work area with images, pictures, toys and gadgets that make work interesting. Working alone in a plain and cheerless office would require plenty of motivation to work well and deliver results. Amusing details like miniature replicas of favorite cartoon characters, colorful stickers or even family pictures are chic options that can be put around the work desk to cheer you up!!!

8. Innovative touches for luxury

If you can afford a large and luxurious office at home like this that can double up as a study and library then make it welcoming. But try not to make it too comfortable and cozy as all you may want to do is just nap. One of the most common home office ideas is to use neutral colors and pair them up with natural wood furniture, healthy plants and lots of natural fabric for curtains, furnishings, rugs and cushions. Switch thick curtains, furnishings and rugs of winter with thin, cotton ones in summer.

9. SOHO for part time mom

Suspended floating study table with overhead cabinet Singapore Carpentry Pte Ltd Scandinavian style study/office
Singapore Carpentry Pte Ltd

Suspended floating study table with overhead cabinet

Singapore Carpentry Pte Ltd

Are you a work from home mom juggling various tasks while keeping your passion and creativity alive? You can easily turn an empty wall of the space between living and dining area into an office like this. While the floating work desk is wide enough for a laptop and other stationery, the cabinet on top is spacious enough to keep correspondence and other essential details. This is a perfect work area to stay in touch with work and activities at home.

Here are some more stylish modern home office ideas for you.

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