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10 Great examples of 3D architecture design

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Explaining an architect’s vision to a home buyer through standard architectural drawings is not possible as few people have knowledge about terms like dimensions, elevations and layouts that is used in architectural design. Today technical advancement like 3D interior rendering and architecture design has made it possible for architects, interior designers and decorators to portray their vision in an accurate and precise manner. Architectural design is a complex art which requires experience and knowledge along with vision to understand client requirements and turn it into reality. Interior design architects work like skilled craftsmen to create detailed designs of different parts a home’s interiors and present it before prospective house owners. In recent years this has been largely facilitated by advanced technologies like 3D interior design rendering and 3D architectural visualization software.

Here are some examples of different 3D architecture designs that our experts have made for clients as part of they designing process. The advantage of these designs are that they help customers understand and feel the layout of their houses before they are made so they can changes wherever required before the construction begins.

1. Exterior layout of single level house

3D architecture rendering has helped builders to try out various interior design layout combinations with their architects and clients. These are shown to potential home buyers as a part of their catalogs and through advertisements to attract their attention. When required, architects can make adjustments in the design layout to suit aesthetics or remove flaws before starting work on the actual project site. This 3D architecture design gives viewers exterior plan of the house about how it will appear from outside.

2. Exterior facade at night

Exterior front facade MJ Kanny Architect Modern houses
MJ Kanny Architect

Exterior front facade

MJ Kanny Architect

This technology helps make architectural designs tangible. This helps to understand and share visualization to colleagues and clients without spending time in building scale models. Besides taking out guesswork and theoretical details of architectural drawings and sketches these designs help to pitch unique ideas. 3D designs also help customers understand how light fixtures, window awnings and other details will appear in different situations and scenarios wherever they are used.

3. Virtual office

EEA Office Design, Shah Alam Norm designhaus Industrial style study/office
Norm designhaus

EEA Office Design, Shah Alam

Norm designhaus

See this beautiful detailed design of an office? Improvement in 3D technology now ensures that designs are no longer pixelated and patchy and look almost like a real one. This helps customers and decorates choose a wide range of materials for surfaces to enhance the color elements. If desired decorators even use transparent 3D-print elements to enhance specific areas. The office design here is hard to distinguish from a real one.

4. Flower kiosk

See this beautiful kiosk style flower store? This looks like a typical kiosk commonly found near large shopping malls or hospitals where there is a frequent demand for flowers. The artist has presented the layout from different viewing angles which helps the prospective owner understand the impact of light and display structure. Dimensions of every section from seating to work area, customer service area and display section are clearly laid out in this architecture idea.

5. Coffee house details

Designing commercial areas takes more time and detailing in comparison to planning the interiors of a residential area. When a 3D model is made for it before the actual construction is done saves time and money. Models in color can be shown to clients that will help to source materials for the work and enhance designing and building procedures. These models provide accurate details so architects and designers do not have to waste time making errors in judgement with regard to colors and dimensions.

6. Dining area

The well laid out modern dining room here looks as real as can be. The designers have given the view of the region as it will look during daytime with light streaming in through the windows and making the flowers on the table literally sparkle with life. The 3D idea here shows the importance of natural light.

7. Kitchen

Small kitchen layout shows how important it is to have all essentials of the right right dimension to ensure everything fits well into allotted spaces.

7. Slice of a 1 bedroom home

This sliced up drawing gives a rough idea about how a single bedroom with limited floor space can be designed well to ensure every inch is used up.

9. Rendering of indoor swimming pool

We love how Balcon Architects have created a 3D design of an indoor pool of a large mansion style home. Every detail from shadows to light shining off the water gives a realistic view of how the pool area will look once it is ready to use.

10. An entire house in a box

3D Classic floor plan design of Residential Apartment Layout by Architectural Design Studio, Australia - Sydney Yantram Architectural Design Studio
Yantram Architectural Design Studio

3D Classic floor plan design of Residential Apartment Layout by Architectural Design Studio, Australia—Sydney

Yantram Architectural Design Studio

This 3D design may look like a realistic model but it is a computer generated model of the insides of a two bedroom house. Minute details have been planned into the drawing from the layout of the various rooms to where all essential appliances and furniture will be kept.

These various designs show how important 3D architectural designs are used by manufacturers of furniture, lighting, flooring, paints and even decor items in their catalogs to show how their products can be used in the best way. To help you in sourcing the best design for your house here are essential things to consider before buying a house plan.

Which of these ideas did you like the most do let us know in your comments below.

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