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Contemporary 5 bedroom residence at Negeri Sembilan by MJ Kanny Architects

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Funnel House - 5 Bedroom Contemporary House MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style houses
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This beautiful contemporary style house was designed on a plot of land located in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan by Kuala Lumpur based MJ Kanny Architects. The building site was on a slope of land that looks like a funnel from the road below and its actual width is visible only when one drives up to the vast landscape of the property which is surrounded by large durian trees. The house unfolds like a beautiful dream before visitors's eyes as they drive towards the house up the small incline.

As the owners had requested for a single level dwelling with 5 bedrooms and a large kennel to house their two dogs the final structure which included large terraces and pool along with garage and landscaped garden spread across more than 7800 sq ft. excluding the garden. The intention was to create a dwelling that would be a form of experience for guests up the driveway to the front entrance and then towards the vast garden at the rear. The architects therefore designed the entrance like a tunnel that draws the people into the house and directs them towards the interiors, terrace and pool followed by the landscaped garden.

1. Rear view of garden and house

As the house is built on a slanting slope it was designed to take advantage of the surrounding area and a strong foundation was needed for the large dwelling. One section of the structure was therefore elevated by about 1200mm above the ground that created a void like a traditional Kampung house on slits. This helped to draw in cool air from the ground into living room and bedroom through several open floor slots built into the floor.

The roof is designed to mimic the sloping landscape, the roof opens out above the garden and creates the illusion of a double height room in the living room making the room visually spacious.

2. Driveway leading up to side facade

The best feature about this property is that it is surrounded by greenery across the landscape that creates an aura of aloofness and privacy to the actual house. From here we see the entrance region and the garage on the side. On reaching close to the house one can grasp its actual length and vastness as it is spread across the site like a vast rectangle. The different wings of the house on either side are connected through the tunnel that runs across it from front to rear like a corridor and opens into the vast garden.

3. Majestic entrance with a glass canopy

The entryway of the house is symbolized with a large glass shade that looks like a wooden canopy from the road. This is shaped like a tunnel and leads visitors all the way into the house and towards the backyard. It is connected to both wings of the house on either side as one walks in through the entrance foyer into the gallery and beyond. It is built this way to allow free movement of cool air all around the house even during hot summers.

4. Living room

This stylishly minimalist living room gives a sweeping view of the garden, infinity pool and dining area behind it. But beyond the simple layout and design of the living room guests are most likely to be overwhelmed by the vast open spaces that features across the house and is emphasized by the sloping roof and glass facade that opens onto the terrace.

5. Poolside Terrace

We love how the terrace here gives a mesmerizing view of the entire hillside, landscaped garden and the infinity pool beside it. The open air terrace has a shaded roof made of timber trellis and a glass canopy to provide shade from sun. The wooden decks on the terrace beside infinity pool are perfect for relaxation after a long swim on warm evenings.

6. Bathroom with a glass roof

Now who wouldn't love to use this bathroom with a glass roof that almost feels as if one is under the open sky and not inside a bathroom. The archiects have decided to use stone and rough brick in this space to give a total outdoor aura to this rustic style bathroom. Imagine having a nice warm shower here when torrential rain is pouring outside, wouldn't it feel as if one is bathing with warm water under a waterfall!!

7. Lobby entrance

This is the view of the front door from within the tunnel style entryway. It was specially created to give a unique look to the house and create a dramatic style walkway without any windows to increase drama. This narrow pathway helped to emphasize the vastness of the living room and other sections of the house when it opens abruptly and guests are taken aback with the magnificent view of the rear side.

8. External brick facade on the side

As the section facing the garden is on the North-West side it is not directly exposed to sunlight so to maintain a light and warm feeling the archiects have used sunlight glazed windows on this side with sliding panels. This helps to bring natural light inside and also maintain visual connection of other parts with the lush garden greenery. This house was created with a vision to keep it as environment friendly as possible for which eco-friendly materials like solar roof panels and rain-water harvesting technology was used to meet water needs.

9. Minimalist dining area

Dining Room at night MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style dining room
MJ Kanny Architect

Dining Room at night

MJ Kanny Architect

This dining region is just between the living room and kitchen but is subtly separated from both by height and layout. Both the living and dining areas are the heart of this beautiful house but other ancillary sections are connected through concealed geometry to give an air of spaciousness and privacy to residents.

10. Night view of the abode

We now come to end of our tour with a night view of the house, the property looks inviting, peaceful and a relaxing retreat for the home owner and friends!

Charmed by the simple beauty of this house and want to view some more? Do explore this dream home for a nature lover we are sure you will be swept off your feet.

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