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6 ways to smartly incorporate your television in your bedroom!

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Creazione Interiors Modern style bedroom Plywood
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Comfort and relaxed entertainment are the main concerns while integrating the television with everything else in the bedroom. After all, your bedroom is your sanctuary where you let your hair down, catch a good night’s sleep, and cherish private moments. So the television should not be placed in an obtrusive manner, which hampers the calm and serenity of your bedroom.

A cabinet can be arranged cleverly to house the TV in the bedroom, without disrupting the peaceful vibe. For the laidback viewer, it is important to place the television at the foot of the bed at the right location, so that watching it does not pose strain on the eyes. A small flat screen television can also be mounted on the wall and this will be unobtrusive and will not hinder the overall décor of the room. If the television is big, it can be mounted above the fireplace or a sleek table, and it will become the focal point of the room.

Many people often find the television to be distracting and so opt for a location that is not visible. In such situations a retractable television fixed to the ceiling can work wonders, wherein the television will fold back when not in use and will seem nonexistent. Furniture can also be customized to accommodate a television in the bedroom without compromising on the décor of the room. Read on to take a closer look at the different ways you can accommodate your TV in your bedroom which is aesthetic, functional and yet subtle.

Go modern and fix it on the wall

Room 1 straight view Creazione Interiors Modern style bedroom Plywood
Creazione Interiors

Room 1 straight view

Creazione Interiors

The sleek modern televisions available nowadays can be easily affixed to a wall, so that your floor area does not get wasted unnecessarily. Just make sure that you place it at a comfortable range from the master bed, so that you don’t have to strain your eyes. The speakers can be kept atop a cabinet or a slim TV console, so music can be heard throughout the room. A wall storage unit can also be built around the television, to house remotes, DVDs, other essentials, and even decorative bric-a-brac. The possibilities are endless. On a different note, wall mounting will be a difficult task to follow through for old TV sets. In such cases, you may need to get  a sturdy shelf built, which will be able to support your old television easily.

Feeling lazy? Place it at the foot of the bed!

If there is no room or wall space for a cabinet to mount a flat screen, and if you want to drift off to sleep easily while watching a movie, the foot of the bed can be used to good effect for placing the TV. And if the television is placed inside a cabinet, then with the press of a button, it will rise from the cabinet every time you want to watch your favourite show. Readymade units are also available for installation, though they are a little expensive.

Hang it from the ceiling

Another way to accommodate a television is to hang it from the ceiling. This saves a lot of space too without compromising on the décor. The television can either be hidden in the ceiling or brought out with a remote when required for watching. It can also be suspended from the ceiling, as long as the supports are durable and robust. Many people prefer hiding the television in the ceiling and pull it out when they are ready to settle in to watch TV. Using a remote control to move the television into place is also a very convenient option, especially in a small sized bedroom. As this arrangement does not take up much room, it blends with the décor effortlessly.

Conceal it in the closet

Among the several ideas available for accommodating a television in the bedroom, this one is quite innovative too. For an unobtrusive arrangement, many people prefer placing the television in unexpected places. Particularly if space is a constraint, you can accommodate the television in the closet too. It will need to be fixed at the eye level on the closet door. Or you can get a closet designed in such a manner, so that the TV can be housed in a specific slot as shown above. This smart and chic bedroom was designed by JHR Interiors, interior designers and decorators from London. Keeping the television in the closet is a clever design idea, as it saves ample space for other things. The closet space can be arranged around the television and can be closed easily. You can also go for a television door which can be slid open whenever it has to be viewed, and at other times the TV will remain hidden.

Fix it on a hinge for flexible viewing

Fixing the television on a hinge is the simplest and practical way to accommodate a television in the bedroom. By fixing a hinge the space constraint is dealt with. The television can be wall mounted or fixed from a ceiling. This type of arrangement will not hide the television, but the TV will be held in place with hinges at the right height opposite the bed so that viewing from the bed is no strain. If the bedroom and dining room or study, share a common partition wall, the television can be fixed with a hinge in between these two spaces. This way, the TV can be turned to face whichever direction suits you as per your location. There are several different types of hinges available, and depending on the size and make of the television, the right ones can be chosen. This system is very elegant and futuristic, and does not interfere with the overall décor of the room.

Keep it in the middle of the room

It might seem challenging to locate the television in the middle of a bedroom, whatever the size may be. However, there are designers who have successfully placed the television in the middle of the room, by using a bit of ingenuity. To make this arrangement look elegant, the back of the television should be hidden with cabinets. Components should be hidden inside the cabinet. A power strip inside the cabinet should hold all the cables and cords, so that only one power cord is visible outside. Floor mounted electrical outlets can be used right under the cabinet. An access panel can be created at the bottom of the cabinet to reach the plug. This is a very convenient system and it can blend well with the existing décor, more so if the bedroom is spacious.

So what are you waiting for? Welcome your stylish TV into your bedroom with confidence and our tips! For more inspiration, check out another ideabook - Seven stylish bedside tables and nightstands for your bedroom.

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