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14 Amazing ideas to make living rooms modern and gorgeous

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Just started decorating your house and wondering how to make it the best one in your neighborhood with all the right accessories, furniture, furnishings and other paraphernalia? Although there are some basic rules of decorating every part of a house according to the requirements you would still want to retain some personal touch in every section which could be in the form of wall paint, decor items or just plants. The living room which is a home's showpiece should be a delightful combination of harmoniously gathered items arranged in an appealing manner so that reflects modern temperament and also displays individual personality.

To make the modern living room a haven of comfort and style it should be aesthetically arranged and well illuminated so that people can converse comfortably. Though pieces of expensive furniture, furnishings, wall art, lighting, electronics, and decorations can enhance the level of the living room, it is important to have everything arranged neatly. The best way to enhance the decorative style of this area is to choose neutral tones and ambient lighting. Here are a few simple ideas to give the living room an engaging atmosphere through creativity and imagination !! They will give you living room decor insights along the road to self help decoration and guide your choices with regard to furniture, colors for walls and ceiling, window dressing, furnishings and accessories.

1. Eclectic combination of colorful elements

This unique mix of colorful elements like light-colored furniture stamped with brightly colored cushions, glass separators and other decor items have been stylishly combined which is admirable. The minimalist lighting arrangements blend well with decor that complement each other and make the room gorgeous.

2. Minimalist style

This living room is a direct contrast to the one above and follows monochrome color pattern with just grey and black tones covering every part of the room. When space is a constraint then this color tone and limited furniture pieces set the right tone for minimalist living room. The best way to enhance the simple decorative style of is to choose neutral tones of artificial light like here.

3. Keep the region clutter free

While decorating the modern living room, it is also necessary to see that there is no competition among the room's decoration items. Start with any decor style you have in mind, and then complete it by acquiring items from small and big shops to synchronize the decor. The right mix of pieces will restore in balance in the room while retaining its comfort.

4. Harmonious flow of light

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW Design Spirits Living room
Design Spirits

Majestic Contemporary | BUNGALOW

Design Spirits

One surefire way to grab the attention of the guests is to decorate living room with expensive plush furniture and accessories in a splendid manner thereby creating a long lasting impression. If expense is not a constraint then use stylish and luxurious details to strengthen the decorative style, or use a unique color palette such as grey-silver to create contrasting scenes with contrasting texture and color. Every piece of décor in this classic style living room has been carefully chosen such as a decorative chandelier to maintain perfection.

5. Living area with personality

eL precio


eL precio

The simple expansive furniture, carpet with geometric elements and stylish false ceiling give the room a strong character while the unusual shape of the windows has been used to enhance the charm of the area. Clutter free wall fitted with unique lighting system reflects the artistic interest of the people living here in an emphatic manner.

6. Impressive focus area

Luxury Bungalow Norm designhaus Living room
Norm designhaus

Luxury Bungalow

Norm designhaus

In this living room two focus areas have been created within the architectural design to reduce monotony and have a lively environment. While the glass facade behind the television panel is a strong intense color without stressing the boundaries of the space and small lights on the ceiling and grand chandelier are together responsible for maintaining comfortable atmosphere.

7. A little bit of everything

Small living room is not synonymous with cramped spaces as this design will show you. Wall outlined in black stylishly divides the living area from dining region and also add beauty to the image where geometric figures are an important element. The lighting arrangements in each section of the room add depth to the image while the charming selection of light colors is pleasing to the eye.

8. Right size of furniture

Mr Khor Bungalow, Setia Eco Park Norm designhaus Living room
Norm designhaus

Mr Khor Bungalow, Setia Eco Park

Norm designhaus

Whichever section of the living room you are trying to improve be it floor rugs, window decoration or furniture arrangement, ensure that you know the exact measurements and size furniture pieces and the place you are going to fit them into. There are several handy guides that one can use but you have to follow what works best under the circumstances and space and is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

9. Scandinavian style

White furniture and long hair carpets that feel like soft snow within white walls complete the picture of a pristine Scandinavian living room. The glass table looks just right just like the ambient lighting glinting from the false ceiling and stylish curtains standing like sentinels by the windows.

10. Luxurious touch of classical style

Whatever style you choose for the living room decor, such as modern, classic, rural, Scandinavian, or a combination of two-three styles, you need to have combination right for living room style to be truly spectacular. Here classic style furniture has been placed in a modern setting but nothing looks out of place as the lighting and wall decor blend everything seamlessly into a beautiful picture.

11. When exterior view is in focus

Retro Chic | CONDOMINIUM Design Spirits Living room
Design Spirits


Design Spirits

When view of horizon outside the living room is as spectacular as this with sky extending like a beautiful vision then every other detail inside simply fades into insignificance. Nothing can compare the natural colors of the sky during sunrise and sunsets so do not waste money making walls where it is not required and maximize the positive elements of nature in your living room like this.

12. Correct use of area rugs




Using area rugs in the living can be a bit of a challenge if you don't know how to place the right. Instead of buying one just because it looks good may turn out to be a waste of money if it is the wrong size, color or design as it may make the entire room disjointed. Ideally all the furniture should be touching the rug or around it and there should be several inches of open flooring between living room walls and the area rug.

13. Choosing the right curtains

It is very important to choose the right curtains for the living room as they can bring great improvement and charm in the atmosphere. Here we have living room in neutral tones in which curtains play a major role as the windows are large and form a powerful backdrop. So combination of white and dark long curtains have been used which complement the light gray sofas and dark cushions of this room with the rest of the furniture.

14. Living room without electronics

D'Rapport Penthouse YJ Design Studio Living room
YJ Design Studio

D'Rapport Penthouse

YJ Design Studio

This is a modern living room without the usual trappings of electronics which is a quite common in most homes as the owners wanted a meeting area without distractions. The oval shaped sofas are created just right for comfort during long family discussions under the delightful brightness of a charming dome shaped chandelier that adds to the cheerful environment.

For more ideas on living room decoration do browse through Affordable fresh ideas for living room and dining area.

Which of these ideas did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below. 

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