Enchanting luxury abode in Kuala Lumpur built by M J Kanny Architects

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Canopy House - Kuala Lumpur MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style houses
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Built on the hills of Ukay Heights in Kuala Lumpur by MJ Kanny Architects this luxurious home is one of a kind nestled underneath a canopy of tall trees. Constructed on a steep hill outcropping that gives a bird's eye view of surrounding countryside, the main feature of the site is the beautiful tree canopy which creates a jungle like setting and keeps the environment serene.  In order to preserve the ecological balance of the region the builder's team designed the structure on the slope with minimal tree felling in such a manner that it perches lightly on the ground. 

The abode rests peacefully underneath the canopy of large trees and remains cool even during harsh summers due to the carefully designed galleries, windows and apertures that allow unhindered flow of breeze across the house.  Brief was to design a comfortable home for a mid-sized family and the build up area assigned was 10000 square feet. Architects M J Kanny were asked to focus on a structure that blends together interiors and exteriors in a seamless fashion. Access to the house was from a road located close to the slope edge and entire structure was designed abutting hillside. So when guests arrive at the driveway leading to car porch the house seems almost invisible. Let us explore this interesting house designed with a mix of traditional and modern touches to keep the carbon footprint as small as possible. 

1. Overlooking the pool

The beautiful house with a sloping roof built of timber and steel hugs the hillside and appears to be perched on its edge around the infinity pool. Built on two levels the public areas like living area, study, dining region and kitchen etc are located on the ground floor floor while sleeping quarters and entertainment are is on the floor above. 

2. Side Facade

view of the house from the street below MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style houses
MJ Kanny Architect

view of the house from the street below

MJ Kanny Architect

This side view of the house shows how the slanted roof and tree canopy form a blissful partnership to protect the house from summer sunlight and torrential downpour during monsoon season. All the rooms facing away from the road have glass facades but the tree cover gives privacy while providing full view of the world outside from within the house. From this angle one can clearly view the structural I-beams supporting the upper floors.

3. Open Floor design

Casual living and study MJ Kanny Architect Living room
MJ Kanny Architect

Casual living and study

MJ Kanny Architect

The all encompassing timber roof supported by iron beams is the right mix of rustic and modern design against the glass facade of this living room. The open floor layout allows uninterrupted flow of air across the house and natural ventilation in the living spaces

4. Living room extension

From this angle one can see the exact slant of roof over the edge. This part of the ground floor is an extension of the living room and is more of a study or work area with a clear view of the greenery outside. 

5. Lavish dining area

The lavish industrial style dining area here opens up directly into the infinity pool and vast garden on the side. 

6. Observation area

This is another view of the azure blue pool from the living room that also displays the greenery and wide sky stretching out beyond.

7. The barbecue section

Outdoor BBQ terrace MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style balcony, porch & terrace
MJ Kanny Architect

Outdoor BBQ terrace

MJ Kanny Architect

This BBQ terrace area faces the garden and is decorated with light wooden furniture benefiting a casual relaxation zone for friends and family. Industrial style lighting systems multiple ceiling fans and swing style chairs keep the environment light.  

8. Master Bedroom

Masterbedroom with TV luonge MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style bedroom
MJ Kanny Architect

Masterbedroom with TV luonge

MJ Kanny Architect

The master bedroom on the top floor opens up to a TV lounge. The Scandinavian style bedroom has neutral furnishings and bed linen that form a beautiful contrast against the warm wooden floor and timber roof. Instead of being the picture of luxury this room presents an aura of casual elegance that is hard to match. 

9. Poolside view in the evening

This is a view of the poolside area with fading daylight and interior lights shining through creating a lovely sight. The glass exteriors allows residents to feel that they are in the lap of nature and enjoy every change in season without actually being a part of it. This angle of the hillside house shows that architects have made every effort to ensure that both interiors and exteriors have the same flawless details that makes this home a true masterpiece of charm and style.

10. Car park

With this we come to the end of our house tour at the car park region. Built below the arched roof designed like an aircraft hangar this is also the entrance area that leads down to the lobby. From this level it appears as if the house has disappeared down the hill!

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