An Impressive Transformation to a 1960's Villa in Germany

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This remarkable transformation to a single level dwelling was designed by Puschmann Architektur, an architecture studio in Recklinghausen, Germany. Their mission is to provide high quality, thoughtfully designed architecture at an affordable price. They develop custom designs to suit each client and their individual requirements. 

Through the implementation of these quality living solutions, they seek to bring the built environment into harmony with nature. They work with carefully choreographed and clear floor plans and building forms, uniform material palettes, and the mantra 'form follows function'. In addition to this, they incorporate passive and active solar energy use by orienting the buildings to the sun and other implementations. This home is no exception—let's take a look!

The original exterior

The project saw the remodeling and refurbishment of this bungalow from 1962, located in Recklinghausen. The 970 square metre plot comprised 144 square metres of ground floor living space and 94 square metres of usable basement area. For a little over 300,000EUR they were able to craft a very high quality and green building. 

The exterior transformed

Set in an idyllic location on the outskirts of Recklinghausen, the property offers views over the fields to Suderwich. The plan of the home was essentially maintained but the facade was completely re-designed. 

Removing the brickwork, and renewing the roof, the home has been given a completely new lease of life. The window openings have been altered to create vistas and allow more light into the rooms. For more ideas on all things exterior, take a look here!

The entry lobby

Sure, there were minor changes to the plan to align it with contemporary living and improve functionality, but the property remained largely intact. All the interior walls were re-plastered and finished with a comfortable, moisture regulating surface to accommodate the new wall heating. 

We can see that the colour scheme of the facade has been continued in the interior, enhancing connection and continuity. The charm of the 50 year old home has not been completely lost;  the old cast stone in the entrance has been retained and supplemented with stylish and contemporary details and furniture. 

The original bathroom

Here we can see what the bathroom once was! It sure isn't much to look at—dilapidated and lacklustre, it appears to not have been touched since it was first installed. But wait until you see the remarkable transformation…

The transformed bathroom

Isn't it impressive? You can hardly recognise that it is the same space! The tiled floor has been replaced by a lovely cast river-stone surface. On the walls large, white, stack-bond tiles run floor to ceiling. The shower features seamless glass, the vanity and toilet fixtures are simple and sleek, and the lighting is effective. 

A fun final touch is added in the form of a blue trim framing the window—the only splash of colour in the space! For more bathroom ideas, take a look here!

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Let us know what you thought of this renovation in the comments below!

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