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Seven kinds of interiors that create a dirty and wrong impression of our houses

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English pippy oak kitchen Auspicious Furniture Kitchen
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While decorating the interior of our homes we insist on comfort and elegance. Depending on our budget we invest on quality materials to ensure durability and substance. But do we also stay on guard to avoid some of the common pitfalls of designing a space? Do we take adequate measures to maintain the beauty of our space afterwards? If the answer is negative for both the questions, there could be reason for concern. 

A stylishly designed space requires avoiding some rookie mistakes. It also needs sufficient tending to maintain its charm.  A variety of reasons could be behind our inability to decorate a space in style, or to maintain it later. Health concerns, an extremely busy work schedule, and unexpected events cannot be disregarded. But when the reason is a simple lack of awareness, it can be remedied easily.

In our today’s post we will discuss those aspects of design that make your home look shabby and give off the wrong impression. Let’s find out about those common pitfalls that we sometimes tend to ignore!

Untidy entrance and hallway

An inviting entrance, like the one pictured, followed by a cheerfully design hallway is a prerequisite for a stylish home. Does your entrance look a strange mixture of mutually exclusive things? If yes, then it is time to give it a stylish makeover.

You do not need to plan for a grand entrance, though you may do so if you like, but make certain changes to give a welcome feel. Renovating the broken pavers outside and applying a coat of fresh varnish or paint on your front door and the side walls would immediately brighten up the ambience. Place a potted plant or two at your door, install fashionable lighting fixtures and search out a doormat made of organic sisal, jute or choir. Follow the same theme in the hallway too.

Grimy walls

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This could be another off-putting aspect of your home. No one wants to step inside a space enclosed by dirty walls. This can happen over a period of time due to a number of reasons like dust, grime and oil deposits. Rough textures may accumulate suspended dust particles from the air. Rusty pipes and calcium residues from cement can stain your walls over a period of time.

To fix this problem, vigorously scrub and clean the surfaces with lukewarm water. You can use a mild solution of white vinegar or borax to clean dirty surfaces. If the grime is too far advanced you may need to seek professional help. Consider coating your walls in fresh paint or wallpaper if it looks outdated even after thorough cleaning.

Tacky colour scheme

This bedroom is gorgeous, right? The colours all work in harmony together, and much thought has gone into the design and decoration. Don't be afraid to be bold and try new things if you are planning a new colour scheme for your home, but make sure you avoid one common mistake. There is no harm in selecting a dazzling or an understated colour palette, but overall your selections should be harmonious and relaxing.

Take a note of the texture of the chosen materials. A super shiny lacquered ceiling and glossy wall paints may create an overly dramatic and unappealing interior. Same applies for the upholstery and bed furnishing.

When the sofa is a muted tone complement it with colourful cushions. If you have chosen satin bed sheets, do not opt for a curtain fabric with sheen. Decide on a feature to focus on and make sure other items of décor duly complement its presence instead of overshadowing them.

Too much art and decoration

Too many decorative items can stifle an otherwise neat and elegant space. So choose carefully. If you are using artworks or photographs to embellish the walls, select one prominent piece for one room or a set of two or four small artworks in complementary tones.

The area rug you choose for your living room must befit the overall colour scheme. A contemporary monochrome rug may mar the ambience of a classically decorated space. Remember, potted plants and fresh flowers, even when kept in an old jar, look beautiful wherever you place them.

Cluttered and gloomy interior

A cluttered space, even when designed with expensive and tasteful objects, can never feel welcoming. A gloomy interior also makes your living area feel more cramped than it actually is. Both of these have a negative impact on the health of mind and body.

Make sure you have large windows or skylight installations to keep your space cheerful during daytime. Sufficient artificial lighting should be arranged to maintain the bright ambience after sunset.

Modern homes tend to be short on space. So it is extra important to keep it uncluttered and brightly lit up. This creates a feeling of expansiveness even when you live in a tiny apartment.

The smell of the house

English pippy oak kitchen Auspicious Furniture Kitchen
Auspicious Furniture

English pippy oak kitchen

Auspicious Furniture

Lack of proper ventilation can result in a stuffy interior filled with unpleasant smells. Persistently foul odours in house can raise questions about your housekeeping habits. Improve the ventilation process of your building by installing localised exhausts in kitchen and bathroom, trickle vents, positive input ventilation or air conditioning.

Keep your indoor area clean to prevent any build up of foul smell. Keep the moisture level in check. To keep the interior air refreshed, you can also have fragrant plants like lavender, basil and rosemary in your kitchen and dining room.

A hygenic bathroom

Maintain a clean and tidy bathroom is necessary to preserve the healthy atmosphere of your interior. Make sure it has proper ventilation and drainage to prevent damages due to waterlogging. Regularly clean up the space and keep it free from pest infestation. Take special care of your vanity units.

Keep the space brightly lit. If it is small space take special care to avoid any kind of clutter. Have potted plants or flowers—moisture absorbing plants would be particularly suitable for this space.  You can take a cue from this bathroom designed by Ark Reza Kabul Architects Pvt Ltd.

To protect brickwork from moisture do not forget to check our tips here.

Which decorating mistakes do you find most disturbing? Share your thoughts on the topic in the comments section below. 
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