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Container houses in Malaysia? High functionality, low cost!

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Standardised shipping trailers became fashionable not too long ago, and in fact, the origin of shipping container architecture can be traced back to the early 1960s.  However, shipping container houses took a long time to be in vogue. Redondo Beach House, designed by Peter DeMaria in 2007, is considered to be the first real container home in North America. In this short period of time their popularity spread far and wide.

Malaysia is no stranger to container houses, either. Container resorts built in the small town of Bukit Tinggi in Pahang created ripples all over the country and beyond. Some more recycled container bungalows are planned in the scenic surroundings of Batang Kali.  

There are a number of reasons for the worldwide popularity of container homes. 

- Shipping containers are a great solution for affordable housing.

- They are easy to customise according to the owners tastes and requirements.

- They can be turned into sustainable modular structures.

- Abandoned containers are easily recycled this way. 

- Container homes turn out to be stronger and more durable than many traditional structures.

- Shipping containers are available everywhere. Sourcing it for a building material does not cause any headaches!

You too can build a stylish home using the stern steel structure of shipping containers. Check out some of these homes for inspiration—they're delightful!

Chic black container

This chic black container house is designed by Uni-Box. The house is located in a scenic part of Yangpyeong in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. It is named “tteurak” or garden and appropriately so. 

While the black façade seems attractive enough, its interior boasts skilful management of space as seen in other, more traditional or contemporary structures. Moreover, it houses an indoor garden and terrace which can be used to relax or entertain the guests.

The floor plan

This is the first floor plan of Tteurak. It reveals a simple arrangement for a small family with children. An open plan living room, kitchen and dining area are located on this floor. It also has a bedroom, which would probably be converted into a guest suite at a later date.

An indoor stairway gives access to the second floor. It has a master bedroom, kid’s room, en suite bathrooms and sundeck with excellent views of South Han River passing by.

Container house kitchen

You will notice little difference between a container house kitchen and one that is set up in a modern apartment. This kitchen is small, but all of the facilities needed by a modern householder is available in this tiny setting. 

Simple kitchen counters, elaborate storage units and minimal décor define this space. Use of grey faux brick décor on walls in an otherwise all white kitchen looks refreshing.

Stylish white container house

Courtesy of its unique architecture, this stylish white container house, designed by AAPA Architects, stands apart in suburban Seoul, South Korea. A living area of 67.58 sq metres provides for a family with three children. 

This container house is spread over three floor levels. Its walls are lined with birch plywood. You will also see an extensive use of wallpaper in its interior. As well as bedrooms, a living room, a kid’s room, a kitchen, a dining space and a bathroom, it also has an elaborate playroom for children.

A black and white container house

This black and white beauty boasts of quite a spacious interior. It occupies a 400 sq metre plot. This container house is designed by Shin-Chan Colour House and is planned for a retired couple with a large collection of LP records. 

The second floor of this container house has been turned into a café. An ambience filled with music, movies and good cheer makes it all the more easy to savour a cup of hot sweet tea in these surroundings!

Colourful containers

This colourful set of container houses, owned by Jjuuk Guest House, act as holiday rentals. They are fitted with all kinds of modern facilities. The ground floor has been turned into a spacious dining parlour to entertain the guests.

Guest bedrooms with en suite bathrooms are located on the first floor. Guests can also enjoy socialising or simply relaxing on the sprawling lawn in front of the guest house.

A holiday retreat

This container house with an elegantly designed façade acts as a weekend home for a small family. Also designed by Uni-Box, this stylish holiday retreat boasts of as charming an interior as its exterior. 

An open plan living room, kitchen and dining area holds the focal point. Large windows delude the interior with natural light during the daytime. The master bedroom and accompanying bathroom also occupies the same floor. What’s more, it has an outdoor kitchen and barbecue zone to enjoy hearty lunches with friends and family members during weekends and holidays.

A tryst with nature

Grillagh Water’s contemporary farm house is located in Northern Ireland. The idyllic surroundings look alluring enough. As well as the regular features of any modern home, it boasts of a stylish spa bathroom. 

It is one of the first container houses in the region. Named after the river of Grillagh Water passing by, this container farmhouse is planned by Patrick Bradley Architects.

A green building

Container home front street view homify Modern houses Iron/Steel

Container home front street view


In homify we often speak of the necessity of building an eco friendly home. This container house, designed by ECOSA Institute, is the very epitome of an environmentally friendly dwelling. It is fitted with solar photovoltaic panels and energy efficient lighting. Besides, there are also facilities for rain and snowmelt harvesting. A separate container stands apart from the main building, and acts as a studio and home office for the owners of this container house.

Tempted by a container house, but worried about the lack of space? Check out how to design a small apartment!

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