6 Open floor house trends to copy

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FIVE STONES CONDOMINIUM Simsan Design Built-in kitchens
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In recent years interior designers and decorators are increasingly experimenting and considering open floor layouts that offer unrestrained spaces or rooms not limited by walls in modern formats. In this layout living room, dining area and the kitchen are included in open plan setting by clever association of furniture, colors and decor along with some intelligently designed architectural details. The key of this design plan is to have a cohesive and collaborative home with a warm feeling of togetherness that is tastefully created. 

1. Open Scandinavian house

TAMAN SENTOSA TERRACE HOME Simsan Design Living room
Simsan Design


Simsan Design

The simple yet spacious layout is minimalist in nature and the design style is Scandinavian with an eclectic mix of soft and dark tones. The sophisticated living room is subtly divided from dining area by the wall which opens out to the stairway region and kitchen beyond. Though all the three regions are under the same ceiling, details like furniture, floor mats and kitchen island act as separators.

2. Similar to galley kitchen

FIVE STONES CONDOMINIUM Simsan Design Built-in kitchens
Simsan Design


Simsan Design

This spacious layout uses a humongous kitchen island to divide the region into separate sections. Designed like a galley kitchen it stretches across the entire rear area abutting dining region and living room. This design is ideal for contemporary homes where the focus is to create fluid layouts without sacrificing functionality. Instead of being a buffer zone between kitchen and living room the dining area here is just an extension. 

3. Rectangular open style

LE YUAN RESIDENCE Simsan Design Modern dining room
Simsan Design


Simsan Design

The rectangular layout of this kitchen and dining area is perfect for serving warm meals straight out of cooking area. The meal sharing area makes efficient use of space while separating living room and kitchen. The cabinet dividing kitchen and dining areas has shelves to keep tableware that can be easily reached out from the other side too.

4. A harmonious L shaped layout

Planning to remodel existing closed spaces to open floor layout by removing walls? Consider using an L shaped layout like here like this that will allow privacy in the kitchen as it is tucked out of view from the living room without walls. easier to break a room up if it isn't a standard square or rectangle shape. The soft lighting, subtle divisions and modern furniture allow inhabitants to enjoy spaciousness of open layout design without compromising on comfort and privacy.

5. Fluid layout that connects

The design and layout of this house located in lap of nature was done to ensure free flow of natural air and light and avoiding right-angle spaces. Keeping that spirit in mind the kitchen and dining area are visually connected and combine essential services of cooking, serving cleaning and storage so that all these tasks are completed without hindrance. Using elements such as wood and steel, it is easy to make a cohesive and beautiful arrangement with light colors.

6. Generous layout

The stone kitchen breakfast bar and combination of light colors is remarkable where the use of right elements gives a unique glow to the whole environment. There is a balance even when the design is open and there is enough space in the kitchen for every detail which is connected to dining area. While these two are pretty close, the living area is a little aloof as a public region of the house and feels aloof.

Here are more ideas on how to divide an open plan house.

Which of these open floor house designs did you like? Do let us know in your comments below. 

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