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A Striking Home in Madrid

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Tarimas de Autor Living room
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Located in Madrid, Spain, this residence is composed of large openings that flood the living spaces with natural light and connect them with the garden. And it is an absolute delight! Soft pastel hues come together with plush materials to form these most sumptuous of living spaces. 

But it's not all feminine charm; other spaces in the home take on a harder, more masculine edge. It is this interplay between varying qualities and atmospheres that gives the home it's character. 

The social heart

Here, we can see that the lower level is mediated only by glass to the outside. The large stacking sliders allow this social heart of the home to open seamlessly onto the patio and garden beyond, offering views out as well as in. The colour palette on the exterior hints at the soft and delicate tones that unfold within the interior. 

Division and connection

The modern architecture movement saw a rejection of the compartmentalised house, removing physical divisions and separation of daily activities. But as we moved to embrace this open plan layout, many also began to crave respite in seclusion, retreat, and boundaries. 

Here we can see the employment of various devices to differentiate and distinguish the open-plan social space—from changes in level, to partial walls—division and connection begin to enter into a fluid interplay. Also, take a look at this stunning matte wooden floor by Tarimas De Autor that continues throughout the home—truly stunning.

Subtle devices

Here, we garner an appreciation of how the subtle change in level dramatically alters the experience of the space. While perfectly connected, the sitting and reading area feels discrete, separate and differentiated from the larger living space. 

Other devices, such as floor rugs which act as anchors within the space, and the placement of furniture and artwork, further delimit and differentiate.  For more living space inspiration, take a look through these examples!

Simple repose

This bedroom, located on the upper level, sits within the roof space. Skylights are incised in the roof plane to allow light in, in the absence of full-height walls. 

The space is crisp, minimal, and appointed with all the necessities and comforts one may desire within their space of repose, without any superfluous extravagances. For more bedroom ideas, take a look here

A glamorous walk-in wardrobe

The walk-in wardrobe and bathroom, on the other hand, spares no luxury! Ample space to store your clothes, ample space to put them on, and ample mirrors to see how you look in them.

Complete with furniture and feature lighting—it is given an attention to detail that is often neglected in such a space.

The bathroom

Here, we see the harder, more masculine edge that was spoken of earlier. The walk-in shower is tiled entirely in black and enclosed by a seamless glass wall. Elsewhere the material composition is a thoughtful balance of white surfaces, timber and stainless steel.

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Let us know what you though of this stunning home in the comments below!
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