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Kitchen window decoration ideas

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If you have walked into a restaurant or boutique attracted by the attractive decorations at their shop window you will know the importance of window decoration. In a kitchen details like cabinets, counters, back-splash tiles play a very important role in its decor. The kitchen planner needs to decide on the right window decoration while planning layout, color, finishing and other details that will play a useful role to turn it into the kitchen of your dreams. Kitchen windows that bring in fresh air and light into the room play an important role in enhancing its charm. While you may have seen and read several articles about kitchen renovation here are simple suggestions for various kitchen windows that can be adopted to enhance the layout and enliven its atmosphere. This idea-book introduces 6 modern kitchen window decoration ideas that can prove to be inspiring.

1. Venetian blinds

For a light unobtrusive monochrome kitchen use Venetian blinds of the same color. The cabinets and islands dipped in stunning white pieces above the shiny marble floors remind one of Scandinavian-style modern kitchen. Stylish industry-style lamps on the ceiling and light wood chairs on the sides form a beautiful partnership.

2. Contemporary wide windows

These wide windows offer plenty of room for sunlight and fresh air and can be balanced by placing a few succulents in colorful bottles around the bottom. This decoration should be done in a masterful manner to retain asymmetry in the kitchen. 

3. Layered window decoration

eL precio


eL precio

For dressy window decoration combine a Roman shade with a valance using same fabric. This will bring softness to the region but also protecting interior of the kitchen from harsh summer sunlight during midday. 

4. Barely visible

Serai Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar Norm designhaus Kitchen
Norm designhaus

Serai Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar

Norm designhaus

To filter out strong sunlight yet keep the kitchen bright and sunny consider loosely woven blinds like here. This light textured material complements the small kitchen windows here and also the room. 

5. Storage unit on the window

If the window is right above the wash area then it can become an open storage area to drain water from washed dishes and glassware like here. Window railings have been used here to set up drying racks which avoids unnecessary clutter around the sink.

6. Generous use of fabric

Curtains are perfect accents for window dressing and if you want to make a statement select fabrics with artistic patterns or bold colors. Fabric curtains can also be layered in different combinations to get the desired effect. 

Want more kitchen decoration ideas? Here are inexpensive ideas for kitchen decor.

Which of these kitchen decoration ideas did you like the best. 

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