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How to design a living room according to your star sign

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International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013 Design Intervention Living room
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The small place we occupy on this dear old planet of ours is highly valued by us. But the vastness of the sky above never ceases to intrigue. We look up to the stars during our good days and bad. We look at them in the late hours of the evening. In the daytime, too, we know that we have their generous blessings. 

We are children of those cosmic bodies winking at as from afar. We are born under their influences, under the zodiac signs that we belong to. As 18th century poet and philosopher Novalis suggested, “We are more closely connected to the invisible than to the visible.” So can’t we also bring a little bit of their magic within the four walls of our homes? For sure we can!

Today we will share some tips with you about designing your living room according to your star sign. Remember, like other Asian countries, Malaysia follows a lunar system for assigning a zodiac to a newborn. You are free to plan a space according to your moon sign or sun. If you are skilled at astrology, then you may not like to ignore your ascendant either. Also, feel free to make subtle adjustments that would suit you and the space you are designing.

Pragmatic Capricorn

Capricorns tend to have a pragmatic nature. They are workaholic, have a great sense of purpose and are very focused on their objectives. 

Being an earth sign, it will be better to design a space for them that incorporate a lot of eco-friendly materials. Design an earthy and comfortable space for them and do not forget to place potted indoor plants in this area.

Leo: A natural appreciation for beauty

We begin with Leo, because people born under this sign have a natural appreciation for art, architecture and design. They are magnanimous in nature and their magnanimity shows in the space that they occupy. They tend to make grand plans for everything, including the interior of their houses. 

Keep these characteristics in mind while designing a living room for a Leo friend of yours. Do not shy away from experimenting with designs and colours, but make sure they are always aesthetically pleasing.

Warm hearted Virgo

Those born in Virgo are known for their genial nature. They are very health conscious. A Virgo living room must be eco-conscious, comfortable and emotionally stimulating. 

Virgo people are very versatile, so make sure that the room you plan for them is highly adaptable. Avoid all kinds of clutter—Virgo hates living in a space lacking in organisation.

Libra: Meticulous planner

Librans are renowned for their capabilities to meticulously plan. They would highly regard an intelligently planned space. A living room like this one designed by Urbana 15 would earn their instant approval. 

They have a natural appreciation for stylish interior, and they tend to be socially popular. Their diplomatic skills are well noted. Therefore, a living room designed for them must retain a balance between cool shades and neutrals.

Scorpio: Tenacious and secretive

Scorpions can be extremely tenacious in nature and have great capabilities of weathering any amount of adversity. In life, they are renowned for holding their cards very close to their chests—they are highly secretive in nature. 

A living room designed for them should be nothing less than brilliant. Incorporate some riddles like hidden doors, faux-wall partitions or a small under-floor storage unit into your design if you possibly can.

Adventure-loving Sagittarius

Your Sagittarian friends are born risk takers. They will undertake projects that many would dare not think of. Their natural stamina often helps in shouldering a massive workload. 

They are generally ambitious, but if you can earn their respects they can be very loyal too. A space designed for them must be uncomplicated and mentally stimulating, featuring bold colours, unexpected shapes, and a clash of styles.

Aquarius: Sympathetic and caring

Aquarians have a caring and friendly nature. They can easily connect with people from all walks of life. They have a great interest for social affairs and often actively participate in various humanitarian projects. 

While designing a space for selfless Aquarians, add a touch (or a lot!) of blue. It tends to have a calming effect on their minds—very useful after a long day of socialising!

Dreamy Pisces

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013 Design Intervention Living room
Design Intervention

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013

Design Intervention

Pisceans tend to be dreamy but self-sacrificing. They are very imaginative and are well noted for their creativity. Their sensitive nature is well known. 

Living rooms designed for Pisceans must be able to positively satisfy their creative urges—spaces to paint or write, splashes of artistic patterns and a mix of textures are a must. They also prefer a more romantic ambience for any space planned for them.

Dynamic Aries

Those born under Aries are self assured and determined to find their own way. They often show a pioneering attitude. They are great in beginning many projects often considered impossible by others, but they are equally prone to leaving many tasks unfinished out of sheer monotony. 

An Aries living room must have splashes of bold colours and enough charm to hold their interests for long, or they'll be changing things up before you know it! Include furniture on wheels, or foldable tables, so that the Aries in your life can temporarily change their scenery without much effort.

Taurus: Hard working and strong

A typical Taurus, may take a long time in deciding on a project, but once committed they seldom leave a task mid way. Their hard working nature often sees them through many difficulties. 

Taurus seeks comfort and solidity at home. No matter how you plan a living room for Taurus, make sure it is homely and comfortable, a grounded nest with rich colours, snuggly pillows and thick rugs.

Fun-loving Gemini

Gemini people are efficient organisers. An atmosphere induced with an element of fun is more suited to them. They are bright and optimistic. They inquisitive nature and rational approach help earn them great respect and admirations among peers and superiors. 

Make sure to have some fun elements in a living room decorated for them—colourful cushions, interesting modern vases and quirky artwork will all go a long way.

Cancer: Peace loving and gentle

Cancer people tend to gentle, peace loving and affectionate. Their compassionate nature can be perceived by everyone who comes close to them. Socially they tend to be rather shy and avoid all kinds of showiness. 

A living room designed for Cancer born people should be graceful yet understated, with calm neutral colours and rustic, minimal furniture. Keep it traditional and far from ostentatious, but maybe include a little touch of fun in there to liven the mood up!

Find out how to jazz up your living room by looking at some of our creative photo display ideas.

How do you plan to match your living room with your zodiac sign? Share your ideas and opinions in the comments section below!
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