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9 simple houses that encourage to build your nest

Rita Deo Rita Deo
Izat's Bungalow LI A'ALAF ARCHITECT Modern houses
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Every family aspires to build their own house that can shelter generations but sometimes the cost factor forces them to postpone their dream. We dedicate this idea-book to home aspirants who want to own their small plot of land along with their house and not live in a flat or apartment where many families live together.

A small plot of land may also have a low-budget house that caters to requirements of small family but which can be enlarged vertically to suit growing needs. Come see these 9 beautiful house designs which are built on a low budget and decorated according to the available possibilities.

1. Rustic style

Such homes have light, clean features that relies on natural elements to enhance the exteriors and interiors of the house. The style is inspired by rustic style and the best part of these houses are that they are open and adorned allow plenty of natural light to stream in creating a charming and warm atmosphere.

2. Modern functional design

This delightful home was extended from single level to a double-level structure in line with existing skyline of the neighborhood to maintain symmetry and form. The delightful facade in grey, white and black interspersed with colorful plants on the balcony ledge differentiates the modern house from a distance.

3. Rectangular single level structure

Modular prefabricated houses are an inexpensive option for many families who are building their first homes and cannot afford more. Prefabricated houses are used in all types of construction and become worth living in a short time as they have to be assembled only on at the site. The ground should be well prepared so that the floor can be fastened and leveled. You need not search far for such homes as even general contractors can help construct prefabricated houses.

4. Aiming for the sky

Lot. 18 House Arkitek Axis Modern houses
Arkitek Axis

Lot. 18 House

Arkitek Axis

Simple in appearance but characterized by windows and doors which look unusually elegant with glass frames set in like paintings on the walls. When horizontal space is not sufficient to meet floor needs then this kind of vertical structure is best.

5. Spacious home with garage

This house is built on a decently sized land parcel and has an open garage below the first floor. Try to make use of locally available materials during house construction to keep costs within limits. The slanted roof is perfect for the local tropical climate of Malaysia which faces fierce summers and equally fierce rainy season. The white exteriors keep it looking modern and clean.

6. Elongated design for a rectangular plot

Exterior front facade MJ Kanny Architect Modern houses
MJ Kanny Architect

Exterior front facade

MJ Kanny Architect

This house is perfect for a large family as it integrates several rooms across two floors and the completed covered facade facing the road provides need privacy. It is easy to construct because the house is prepared with local materials and less labor and does not require highly specialized workers. The garage on ground level is sufficiently large to accommodate two cars required for the family.

7. Minimalist impression

This corner bungalow house lies at the junction of a busy road and would attract curious onlookers so its facade was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Its L-shaped layout has facilitated creation of a small private garden like an inner sanctuary surrounded by walls all around. Its timber ceiling filter natural light into the interiors while keeping rain at bay with a large overhanging aluminium roof which also provides shelter during summer afternoons.

8. Atrium style home

If you want to save on building cost then first define what room and elements are important for you to make a home in which every section is multipurpose. This will provide an opportunity to reduce costs and it will also be easier to make the rooms longer or shorter as required.

9. Traditional and pretty

The charming all white facade with widows and door outlined in grey and slanting roof also of the same color give an interesting touch to this house. A touch of modernity with wooden touches on the facade and a single sloping roof with wooden doors give an Asian style home effect.

Want to see some more small house designs? Here are some more small houses you will want to own.

Which of these house designs did you like the most? Do let us know in your comments below. 

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