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9 Low budget ideas to renovate your home quickly

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Many complain about their small or boring homes because the lack of space or budget limits their creative skills which they would like to apply to make it exciting and beautiful. An avid DIYer capable of doing tasks like painting, carpentry, furniture upholstery etc can transform an entire home with small changes that look amazing at a low cost. Whether you are living in rented premises or owned it is not easy or cheap to make a big noticeable change in a house.

Instead of making sweeping changes across the house that could burn a hole through the family savings you can make small improvements with the help of a interior decorator in room after room based on a theme every month or as and when you have sufficient funds to make the required changes. In this idea book our interior decorators are sharing with you some home improvement ideas that can help you enhance the interiors of every kind of house.

1. Install new furnishings

Decor details like curtains, cushions, furniture upholstery and other fabric furnishings go a long way in enhancing interiors. These have the ability to bring color and vitality into every home by their sheer presence by making windows, furniture and even walls look attractive. This classic style bedroom looks upholstered in a mix of dark and light toned furnishings is every homeowners' dream come true. Window dressing through curtains, blinds and shades has been used time and again to make homes beautiful.

2. Paint the walls

One of the most effective and pocket friendly home improvement idea is to apply fresh coat of paint to your walls. Make a statement on walls, cabinets or ceiling with interesting paint combinations like textures and shades. Remember peeling and chipped paint on walls looks just as bad as faded walls or paint with water stains and are regarded as a sign of dwindling fortunes. 

3. Enhance outdoor lighting

Lights have an aura about them that brightens up both outdoors and indoors and attracts the human eye. Here exterior lighting gives a delightful glow to this abode making even look warm and inviting even from a distance.

4. Install indoor garden

Plants and flowers cheer up the heart as much as they clean up the environment. Indoor plants also have a tendency to follow similar spirit like here where the bright red walls create a startling contrast for cheerful green leaves of the plant.

5. Furniture Medley

Large ornate wooden and wrought iron furniture were the norm in houses of olden times, but in modern home decor 'Least is enough'. To adopt this simple decoration, choose light furniture which reduces clutter and leaves open space in the house. Combination of different furniture styles around the table has created a cheerful medley here without compromising on style.

6. Give kitchen cabinets a makeover

Bored of dull faded kitchen cabinets? Given them a makeover with a fresh coat of paint or change the cabinet doors. Better still if budget permits change the entire cabinet combination and get a custom designed modular cabinet set.

7. Add new accessories to the bathroom

Don't limit home improvement to only public areas of the house like the living room, dining area or the kitchen as sometimes a drab bathroom with peeling paint or shabby fitting can be pretty embarrassing. See these fittings like the new cupboard, shiny towel rack and other details give a fresh lease of life to a dull bathroom like the bright wall paint.

8. Create a statement wall

The ideal way to bring life to dull interiors where space restrictions make it difficult to make sweeping changes is by creating a statement wall with paint, wall art or wall paper. Here the bright green wall is subdued with white ceiling, doors, windows and floor but the delightful art piece and eclectic furniture form a charming group.

9. Create a study area

If a significant part of work is done at home as in today's scenario create a separate study area that offer privacy. This study cum work area may look like a hole in the wall kind of outfit but it gives a professional air to the setup.

Here are some more cheap and easy DIY's to improve your home.

Which of these home improvement ideas did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below. 

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