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Cabinets, pull out drawers and open shelves are all idea for storing all essential kitchen tools, and essentials and non perishable dry rations in containers along with condiments and spices. While the duration of storage and use of dry rations should be short sometimes by maintaining sufficient temperature their longevity is increased because if they do not have insects or mildew. While creating storage in the kitchen, care should be taken that it plays an active role in creating a beautiful workplace, matching the colors of the background, floor, ceiling etc.

Utilitarian, multi-purpose and visually pleasing, these adjectives work for the kitchen storage racks that we are going to show today. They help to avoid clutter in kitchen cupboards and make it easy to reach out for essentials that are needed quickly when a dish is being prepared. Proper organization is the key to maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and enhancing its storage capacity. You will need the help of a kitchen planner to find the proper kitchen storage solution and get it planned properly. In fact, there are many accessories that you can customize inside a cupboard or drawer to help you keep your belongings organized. With the help of our experts in this book you are going to see various kitchen storage options for your home.

1. Traditional kitchen larder

A good traditional style open larder takes care of the storage in the kitchen and there is no problem in finding essentials. Who says that old designs are useless, see this open larder here which can be used to store multiple things in one place!

2. Shaker style U shaped kitchen

With an island that works as a breakfast zone and a work station this modern kitchen has white shaker door cabinets and floating shelves that make an awesome combination.

3. Minimalist shelves

By a thoughtful combination of neutral materials, clean lines and creative use of elements this kitchen storage has the appearance of minimalist kitchen. The open shelves built into the bottom section of cabinets create a harmonious combination for this above counter region.

4. Detailed workmanship

This well designed kitchen design cabinet is made of multi layer wood in laminate and is a showpiece of detailed workmanship.

5. Multi-purpose open shelves

Multipurpose kitchen racks and shelves as these allow expensive crockery and glassware (such as decorative plates and wine glasses) to be kept in a clean and organized manner and within reach. Instead of the usual wire rack, it gives a stylish touch to the modern kitchen with a matte white finish. For plate racks, you can also consider an open rack that is installed above the sink which helps the plates dry quickly and no moisture or mold collects inside the cabinet.

6. Organizer racks

Such kitchen organizer racks are useful in showing the items used daily. This clean-lined wall rack ensures that essential spices and cutting tools are within reach at all times.

7. Modern built in racks

Built-in plate racks for plates and bowls make it easy to store objects on a shelf, but as your collection grows, you will find it inconvenient to stack one on top of the other when guests arrive for dinner. Ideally keep special-occasion dinner sets on the top and regular use crockery at the bottom or either fix a wire rack to keep the plates standing upright so you can see everything at a glance.

8. Subtle storage arrangement

This cabinet with an open shelf at the bottom has become the organizer for small regular use utensils in the kitchen.

9. Pull out drawer style shelves

This kind of shelf design is perfect layout for using up vertical space in a small kitchen. Have separate shelf for each requirement which can be pulled out and pushed back to remove essentials without creating a chaos in the kitchen.

10. Visible and effective storage

Away from the main kitchen storage area this rack of open shelves makes effective use of empty walls to store essentials without clutter.

11. Wall brackets

Pre-designed wall brackets made of metal can be fixed above the counter or an empty wall in the kitchen to create extra storage area. This arrangement is usually portable so can be fitted anywhere on need to use basis.

Here are some more ideas for functional storage spaces for your kitchen.

Which of these custom kitchen shelves did you like the most? Do let us know in your comments below. 

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