From Bleak to Brilliant: Renovation of an Asian Home

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Changwon is one of South Korea’s most prosperous cities. It is a busy hub for business and commerce. But more than that, the great plain lying just beyond the city limit is renowned for its agricultural produce. Changwon celebrates the harvest season with great satisfaction. Much of the local produce is relished through separate festive events at various times throughout the year. 

Proximity to a number of beaches is another of the city’s many charms. The hilly terrain is revered for its natural beauty. Every spring, when the azaleas start cloaking the entire area with their fascinating garb, the people of Changwon celebrate the beginning of a new season. Cherry and forsythia blossoms are rejoiced with the same hearty spirit as well.

Changwon’s skyline is as varied as its natural wonders. Many traditional buildings still survive in a city which has already built a close relationship with contemporary architecture and design. Yes, modern Changwon is replete with numerous high rise buildings, fashionable condominiums and a few detached houses that also showcase the best regional contemporary décor. Today we will learn about one of the home renovation projects carried out in the modern city of Changwon.

The status of the interior before renovation

This apartment is refurbished by Design Seven. It occupies the ground floor of a modern South Korean house. Though not completely dilapidated, this apartment required considerable refurbishing to make it habitable for the current owners.

The designers completely reorganised the interior, planned new looks for the interior walls, changed flooring, electrical wiring, plumbing and insulation. They have also given this rather small space a stylish finish—wait til you see what they managed to do!

Living room after renovation

Design Seven has tried to give this area an industrial look. It is decorated with exposed brick walls and newly installed flooring

The aim was to create a comfortable yet highly affordable space well within the budget of the owners of this apartment. Extensive ceiling mounted lighting has massively helped in cheering up the interior.

Kitchen before redecoration

Earlier, the kitchen was a space without light and air. The dark interior was decorated with unsightly wallpaper and laminated flooring. 

Largely due to its existing décor and lack of natural or artificial lighting, the slightly oblong space looked dark and unsuitable for spending long hours indoors.

Newly refurbished kitchen

The newly decorated kitchen showcases tiled flooring with the appearance of natural wood. Glossy tiles are used to decorate one of the walls. The same tiles have been used behind the kitchen work top as well. 

Stylish cabinets in contrasting colours store kitchenware, appliances and other items frequently used in modern kitchens are in place, but are discreetly tucked around corners and underneath countertops. The use of pedant and ceiling mounted lighting fixtures act as a blessing for this narrow space with little access to natural light.


In order to create a relaxing bedroom, calm blue colour has been used on the walls and is complemented by a white ceiling. Courtesy of the laminate flooring, the interior looks warm and comfortable. 

The bedroom has large windows with a balcony beyond it, and sliding glass paned windows ensure a constant flow of sunlight during daytime. At evening, though, the ceiling mounted task lighting fixtures brighten up the space.


The dark tone of the tiled flooring and white walls plus ceiling create a striking contrast in this small bathroom. It is a far cry from the bathroom before renovation, which was clumsily decorated and cluttered. 

After redesigning, the bathroom now boasts simple white sanitary fittings, wash basin, corner brackets, wood framed mirror with a medicine cabinet and a wooden wall mounted storage unit. The shower area occupies one of the corner spaces. One of the walls shows a subtle grey pattern which adds an element of surprise. 

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