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The perfect colours for a spring or summer kitchen

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Like any other kind of home décor, your kitchen too needs to be revved up more often than once in a while, to not only make it look good, but also to make us look good while we are cooking in it. Just like the way you are conscious about the fashion you follow, your cooking haven deserves to look modish too.

Of course, we don’t want you to break your bank balance every three months. And you don’t need to renovate or remodel for a brand new looking kitchen. But small changes, especially in terms of colour, can help your kitchen become one of the most gorgeous corners of the house!

Choosing the right hues, especially according to the current spring or summer trends, can liven up your kitchen overnight. Spring and summer are essentially the seasons which conjure up images of bright sunny days, lush and verdant nature, beautiful blooms, and a general feeling of untainted happiness! When spring or summer is in the air, you start feeling hopeful, inspired and positive, unlike cold winters and depressing monsoons.

So why not let the essence of summer and spring rule your kitchen throughout the year? This way, you will always find the energy and willpower to toss up delicacies for your loved ones. And your kitchen will become the talk of the town too! Here are the colours that can perk up your cooking sanctuary in no time.

Add life with green

Lime green kitchen by A.N.Other Design Republic Limited Modern style kitchen
Design Republic Limited

Lime green kitchen by A.N.Other

Design Republic Limited

In the world of colours and colour psychology, green enjoys a special place in our home interiors.  It is the colour closest to nature, and signifies abundance and growth. Vibrant yet cool, the right shade of green can work wonders. But what is the ‘right’ shade of green? Just look in your kitchen or fridge for hints! Take inspiration from a celery stalk, a slice of cucumber or a green apple or lime. Pick what appeals to you the most, and start redoing little things in the kitchen to reflect the colour.

From the hand towel to table tops to crockery, let the colour flow effortlessly in your kitchen. If you have the budget for a full kitchen renovation, you can have drawers and cabinets highlighted in green. If not, it can still be there in everything from your floor rug to your coffee mug, not to mention the healthy salads and greens! Don’t forget to create a green patch of indoor plants and edible herbs, which can contribute to the flow of green throughout the year. There is simply no way that green will go out of fashion.

Minimalistic charm with white

If you have a minimalist home décor, one of the most contemporary trends you can follow for your kitchen is to do it up in white. When most people think of colour and hues, the brightest in the spectrum comes to mind generally, but nothing can beat the charm of the right shade of white. 

White gives a simple, clean and chic look that well maintained kitchens can easily pull off. You can complete the look by pairing the colour with neutrals and pastels. You’ll need to declutter and ensure that no part of your kitchen looks stuffed or crammed to make the most of this look.

Sunny yellow is in

From bold yellow to muted cream, a kitchen in yellow signifies a warm and creative temperament. If your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light, yellow will be a great way to bring the sun inside, and add visual warmth. Colour palette-wise, it isn’t too far from white, but minus the chills of the latter. 

Yellow is the colour of joy and creativity. This creativity will flow into you while cooking, and the joy will flow into the laughter and fun times your family shares in the kitchen. If you use yellow on the walls, team it up with teal or white cabinets. Alternatively, yellow cabinets can be accented with earthy brown countertops, dining tables and chairs. 

Heavenly vibe with blue

Blue and white modern kitchen homify Modern style kitchen

Blue and white modern kitchen


Blue is again a colour found in abundance in nature. The vast skies and endless oceans exude a sense of calm and tranquillity that can fill your kitchen with heavenly vibes. Blue works best when it is teamed up with white. This is pretty much a timeless combination that can let your kitchen sport a contemporary look, without going overboard with colours.  

Use blue table spreads, mason jars, and blue crockery for a finishing touch. Though the blue palette ranges from navy blue to teal, the rustic, pale blue is the most popular choice for kitchens around the world. But here is a lavish kitchen that combines a rich dark blue with pristine white for a stunning impact. The cabinetry was rendered by Kingshill Joinery Ltd., from Amersham.

Fiery orange

Need a burst of energy and cheer? Follow spring design trends to add a dash of orange to your kitchen. Orange is representative of the fire element, and signifies a combination of boldness from red and warmth from yellow. 

This is an appetite-stimulating colour and great choice for people living in cooler climates. From baby carrots and rustic pumpkins to tangy tomatoes and oranges, choose a shade for your kitchen which you’ll keep falling in love with over the years.

Strike me pink!

Sleek handle-less kitchen with pink splash-back ensures a modern contemporary look in this barn conversion. John Ladbury and Company Modern style kitchen
John Ladbury and Company

Sleek handle-less kitchen with pink splash-back ensures a modern contemporary look in this barn conversion.

John Ladbury and Company

Pink kitchens were an extremely hot trend during the 50s. Though it is not typically on top of anyone’s wish list, it is definitely making a comeback in unexpected corners. Pink immediately reminds us of spring flowers, and can look alluring when coupled with sheer white. Alternatively, blend it with a wooden floor and industrial décor and your kitchen will be ready with a brand new look.

Last but not the least, according to the latest in interior trends, too much of one colour is passé. It is too flat and old fashioned for a kitchen. So mix things up and create a balanced appearance. Get the bold intertwined with the beautiful. Don’t hesitate to make a statement keeping your needs and tastes in mind. 

For more ideas, take a look at this ideabook - Seven fantastic kitchen flooring ideas for your home!

Which colour will you be incorporating into your kitchen? Let us know in the comments!
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