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7 ways to use yellow in your interiors

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Enrich Interiors & Decors Modern style bedroom Yellow
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Modern wall decorations is generally related to experimenting with colors and playing with various elements of wall enhancement. Expensive wall decorations are usually limited to the social area of ​​the house that we want to showcase to our guests. For a private area such as bedroom, study area, dining room, kitchen etc. wall colors should match personal taste of its owners to make them feel relaxed. This is why usually children's rooms have vibrant colors and vividly colored furniture while that of adults will have more sober colors.

Every year new color combinations become the trend and the same is followed by decorators and homeowners until some new innovative colors are introduced the following year. We all know how important it is to be surrounded by the right colors to maintain peace, health and harmony within the home. Yellow is one such joyful color that is used in various combinations and shades for interior décor across the world. As an important part of the color wheel yellow signifies warmth, joy, cheer and communication. Come with us and explore how interior decorators have used this color in various settings to spread happiness and stimulate energy among the house inhabitants. 

1. A feature space

Dining and Courtyard Wall Ideation Design Balcony Bricks Yellow
Ideation Design

Dining and Courtyard Wall

Ideation Design

Notice how strategically placed lighting gives spirt and life to this featured space in a corner of the living room. While the bright yellow wall provides perfect backdrop to the lush green leaves of the plant the brown stone walls on both sides bring sobriety to the region.

2. Defined workspace in the kitchen

If you think grey is a dull color then this modern kitchen will change your mind. Instead of making the kitchen feel drab the clever use of yellow on cooking area wall creates optimism and confidence within people working in the area. Even while maintaining monochrome color palette in this windowless kitchen the painter has used a yellow streak to bring brightness to the region.

3. Cheerful kiddies room

Instead of using bright yellow for the entire room use it for a feature wall like here that provides the perfect background for toys stacked along the wall and the pillows.

4. Defining the storage area

Want to demarcate specific areas of the house storage? Then why not use this pale lime yellow tone to do exactly that like here. The wooden slits across these shelves create an eclectic arrangement but the pale yellow walls holding the white shelves as silent sentinels signify their functionality in a more subtle way.

5. Cheerful study area

Contemporary Tropical , 3-Storey semi-D inDfinity Design (M) SDN BHD Tropical style bedroom
inDfinity Design (M) SDN BHD

Contemporary Tropical , 3-Storey semi-D

inDfinity Design (M) SDN BHD

Along with wall paint you can even add furnishings, decorative items or just flowers in bright yellow to bring warmth and cheer to this room. Yellow is also known to stimulate brain cells and make people happy which is why it is considered ideal for educational business..

6. Kitchen wall checkerboard

Green & Yellow Wall Tiles | Traditional Range Deiniol Williams Ceramics Country style walls & floors Ceramic
Deiniol Williams Ceramics

Green & Yellow Wall Tiles | Traditional Range

Deiniol Williams Ceramics

This country style kitchen decorated with handmade copper green and honey yellow tiles appears bright and sunny largely due to the soft yellow walls. The charming tone of yellow walls is supported by sparkling white windows and door which balances the yellow. When all the walls are yellow tone it down with neutral tones like white and green which have been used here. 

7. Warm bedroom

Children Bedroom - yellow color wall Enrich Interiors & Decors Modern style bedroom Yellow
Enrich Interiors & Decors

Children Bedroom—yellow color wall

Enrich Interiors & Decors

A sunflower yellow color has been painted for a wall to ensure the room looks vibrant. Though the room is very small the combination of beige with yellow and brownish black doors adds charm to the bedroom.

If you are planning to paint your interiors here are fatal painting mistakes to avoid to have a cheerful house.

Which of these ideas did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below. 

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