8 Inspiring front porch decoration ideas

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Just as the living room and foyer are the face of a home and give guests an idea about home owner's status, the façade and front porch enhance its curb appeal. Even if the porch is small with a slim verandah and few steps leading up to the door it can be the perfect place to greet guests or even relax on evenings and just watch the people on the road. As the porch is a home's face to the outside world special attention has to be paid to create a presentable area with appropriate furniture, decorative plants and other details. Here are some ideas given by our decorators that you can use to give a charming aura to this space and enjoy winter sunshine as long as it lasts. 

1. Stone path leading to stairs

This beautiful stone path leads the way to steps that bring guests onto the lovely open and elevated porch. The elevated pathway is the most common way to upgrade home entrance and give it an edge over other homes in the neighborhood.

2. Country style porch

Thoughtful mix of different textures and colors add character to this porch. This open space is aptly decorated with wooden furniture and natural fabrics to bring country style charm to the porch of this house that is partly covered by a short roof.

3. Traditional style porch

This arched roof with traditional terracotta tiles creates the ideal atmosphere to bring out rustic bamboo or wicker furniture and rustic ceiling light fixtures. The greenery along the porch's outer edge and steps leading up to it make this an ideal place to spend evenings talking with family.

4. Open porch in a prefab home

Have a prefabricated house and are wondering if a porch can be accommodated, then explore this industrial style idea that has used two platforms to create an open porch. The slightly raised platform surrounded by pillars may be a little different from regular porches but provides the ideal setting with covered roof and comfortable setting for a relaxed evening. The plain table and chairs add to the industrial style of this simple porch.

5. Classical style porch

Entrance Porch / Green Oak Architects Scotland Ltd Country style corridor, hallway & stairs
Architects Scotland Ltd

Entrance Porch / Green Oak

Architects Scotland Ltd

There is no restriction on the type of ideal furniture for porches as the region can also become an ideal platform for showing off off vintage furniture that one owns. If you have classical style chintz or natural fabric covered antique furniture pieces lying around in the garage then showcase them on your porch. Get them repaired from a carpenter that knows how to restore old furniture and urge him to make an antique worn out table with distressed wood the serving station for your porch.

6. Plain porch for small bungalow

If you lack space to decorate the front porch then give it a stylish edge with metal railing like this that will mark the boundary and also make it look distinct.

7. Stucco style porch

External Facade with Carporch MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style houses
MJ Kanny Architect

External Facade with Carporch

MJ Kanny Architect

In this porch that is partly screened to enjoy outdoors during summer, the furniture and lighting are selected to suit weather across the year. The low roof keeps out the harsh midday sunlight and also creates a cozy atmosphere for lounging. Light color palette, stone flooring, wood furniture and stucco style design is the ideal porch layout that is displayed here. 

8. Lavish porch

Luxury Bungalow In Sungai Penchala Kuala Lumpur Mode Architects Sdn Bhd Tropical style houses
Mode Architects Sdn Bhd

Luxury Bungalow In Sungai Penchala Kuala Lumpur

Mode Architects Sdn Bhd

When there are no restrictions of space and budget, then sky is the limit for porch decoration which is displayed here. The porch here has fountains, greenery, stone columns and other decorative items that give it a spectacular look from roof to floor.

Looking for some ideas to decorate your outdoor space? Do explore these ideas to make your patio look good.

Which of these ideas did you like the best do let us know in your comments. 

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