Unconventional garden fences that are excellent alternatives to standard ones!!

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To maintain privacy and also for marking their property people tend to create fences made of barbed wire, stone, bricks and wood. There are several alternatives that one can use for fences depending on budget and property size which can look amazing and also be environmentally friendly. If you want an alternative to traditional garden fences then take the help of landscape architects or try out any of these DIY ideas shared by our experts here. 

1. Hedge garden fence

Plenty of hedge varieties are available that you can use to mark the property and maintain privacy which can look both functional and attractive. You can use plain leafy varieties or flowering bushes  like bougainvillea and others to add color and beauty. All these hedge varieties require care and maintenance so select your variety carefully before plantation. 

2. Bamboo twigs

If you cannot find natural bamboo plants to grow around the yard then use these dried bamboo sticks as a physical barrier. These are quite cheap, easy to install and do not require much maintenance. The best part of dried bamboo is that they blend into local vegetation and do not stand out like a metal fence. 

3. Boxwood Planters

Boxwood Planters as Space Dividers Sunwing Industries Ltd Commercial Spaces Wood-Plastic Composite Green
Sunwing Industries Ltd

Boxwood Planters as Space Dividers

Sunwing Industries Ltd

People set up fences just to avoid curious glances of neighbors and these boxwood planters provide just the ideal kind of privacy. With the help of an experienced gardener you can set up these boxwood hedges around your garden or also place them in planters on the yard's edge to maintain privacy.

4. Metal and concrete

Instead of standard metal sheets or concrete wall why not make a combination of both like here wherein metal is balanced with concrete to give a trendy feel to the backyard garden.

5. Boudary with twigs and flower shrubs

Brushwood is one of the most popular and eco-friendly choice for people that do not want to install traditional fences. Due their color and structure they blend in easily into the garden and look like local bushes. Here the barrier has been doubled with flower bushes along with brushwood so the boundary is obvious without being overtly obtrusive. 

6. Stone and metal

Large contemporary family garden design, Kenley, Surrey Linsey Evans Garden Design Modern style gardens
Linsey Evans Garden Design

Large contemporary family garden design, Kenley, Surrey

Linsey Evans Garden Design

The large garden spread across the steep slope here has been given a stylish and modern makeover with stone and metal fencing. The boundary wall is further protected by terraced plantation and hedges along the edge making the entire arrangement look attractive.

Here are some more cheap and effective garden fence ideas for your reference.

Which of these hedge ideas did you like the best do let us know in your comments. 

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