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7 Makeover Ideas for your home exteriors

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Exteriors of a house hint at how it is likely to be indoors and should always be a welcoming sight that its residents would be proud to come home to every evening. Depending on the space available around the front yard to the porch and front door you can turn it into a comfort zone with lounge and deck chairs, colorful flower pots, wall decorations and much more. Remember that the exterior façade of a house speaks volumes about the care and concern residents of the house have for their property. In this idea-book let us explore a few ideas to make exteriors as charming and attractive as interiors with minimal effort. 

1. Open garden with walkway

The owners here wanted a neat front lawn and place for children to play around so a strong boundary wall of stones was built bordering the property. The neat and crisp exteriors with stone path, large trees along the border to maintain temperature during hot summers is reflected in the home's well designed interiors too.

2. Casual relaxation zone

Even if you have limited space in the front yard make it presentable with stylish garden furniture and other thoughtful details. The open shelf along the wall can serve as extra seating area when guests want to enjoy outdoors during summer or can be used to keep colorful flowerpots.

3. Contemporary exteriors

This hillside property has been designed to showcase only a small portion above the ground here while remaining part of the house is nestled along the slope. The modern house was styled to surprise guests when they step inside and is focused on geometric shapes. The driveway leading to the garage with neatly manicured garden gives a teaser of what lies within.

4. Greenery laden home

If you love greenery why not showcase it with landscaping around the property if there is sufficient space? Here the hanging vines from terrace region along the roofline and other plants along the front yard add a charming look to this home. Wall art in the form of local motifs bring color to the façade and create an interesting visual impact.

5. Mixed vegetation for casual air

Sunroom, Modern Home, Tropical Home, tall windows Structura Architects Villas Quartz White
Structura Architects

Sunroom, Modern Home, Tropical Home, tall windows

Structura Architects

This home built on one level and spread across a wide area needed a casual front yard. So the landscape architect designed this combination of low shrubs along the lawn with eye catching stones for impact and large trees along the border to draw the eye and maintain privacy.

6. Classic cottage

Stunning Home Exterior Designs That Have Awesome Facades... Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd Terrace house
Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd

Stunning Home Exterior Designs That Have Awesome Facades…

Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd

The exteriors of this pretty cottage are typical of an English countryside home with arched gables and open porch. The lovely landscaped garden and lawn marked by manicured bushes add to the picture of calmness and comfort.

7. Combination of open and covered exteriors

If you’re the ostentatious type that likes to show off what you can afford and that too on a large scale then try out this combination. Fiberglass roof has been arranged over metal framework while a section of the front yard has been laid out in concrete. A good section of the open yard has been converted into a manicured lawn and garden repurposed into geometric shapes around the side of this large building. 

Here are some more inspiring ideas of modern facades for your home.

Which of these home exteriors did you like the best do let us know in your comments below. 

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