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How to create a summer oasis in even the tiniest apartment!

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With summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to think about how you can get the most out of this glorious season. Naturally, surrounding yourself with a fresh and breezy atmosphere is a great way to bring the summer indoors, but many may feel like their apartments (and their budgets) are too small to support these fun changes. 

While buying a new corner sofa in a summery shade or remodelling the entire home to allow for a better flow of summer sunlight might be out of the question, there are definitely some ways to cultivate a little summer oasis no matter your circumstances. This guide will help you prep your home for the parts of summer that really matter: enjoying the nice weather with loved ones and taking some time to kick of your shoes and let your hair down.

Rearrange the furniture to facilitate socialising

When the days are longer and you get a little tan, it’ll likely result in a renewed desire to get out and socialise more than you might have been inclined to during those dark and pasty winter months. 

Take full advantage of your replenished levels of vitamin D! Invite friends to come round for a barbecue or a refreshing iced tea after work, or even consider hosting a little summer solstice party to celebrate the long nights. Before you go making any plans, however, try rearranging your furniture to make the room feel more conducive to socialising. Start by setting up your sofa and chairs so that they are facing each other and away from the television.

Go nautical

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Sophie Allport 'What a catch!' Kitchen Textiles & China


Adding even just a few summery decorations can make a big difference in small space. We love a good nautical theme for this purpose. 

Adding some throw pillows with white and navy stripes interspersed with a few red accents is a wonderful place to start. Consider swapping out your dishtowels for some cute fish patterned ones like these, and allow yourself to indulge in that antique ocean-themed knickknack you find at the flea market.

Get rid of heavy textiles

One of the reasons summertime is so appealing is that it often gives us an excuse to lighten up, get outside, or at least let those warm breezes roll into our homes and work spaces. That’s why nothing will make you feel stuffier and more stifled than a set of heavy curtains during the warmer months of the year. 

Switch those thick curtains for a set of sheer ones, preferably in a lighter colour to allow some sunlight to pass through. Also consider rolling up your area rugs and throwing down a rug or two made of natural fibres like bamboo or reeds instead.

Add a bookshelf for summer reading material

Tilt bookshelf Obi Furniture Study/officeStorage
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Tilt bookshelf

Obi Furniture

Summers are often filled with holidays and trips to the park. Nothing accompanies these things better than a good book. It’s the perfect season to catch up on your reading! Therefore, we recommend setting up a reading area in your home equipped with a bookshelf and a comfy chair. 

The shelf doesn’t have to be anything huge. This little one by Obi Furniture is perfect for setting aside those special books you plan on ploughing through on your next day off. A shelf with a small space for a pen or highlighter like this one is always useful, too.

Hang an indoor hammock

Children's Cotton Hammock Emilyhannah Ltd Garden Furniture
Emilyhannah Ltd

Children's Cotton Hammock

Emilyhannah Ltd

If you really want to enhance the mellow vibes of the season, consider adding a hammock to your living room or bedroom. 

This will quick become everyone’s favourite spot in the apartment for reading or taking a midday snooze. Extra points if you can situate the hammock near a window!

Get some mason jars for summery drinks!

Mason jars are the classic casual drinking vessel, and something about their rustic appearance makes them just perfect for enjoying a fresh berry smoothie, homemade lemonade, ice tea, or even a refreshing cocktail. 

They are cheap and versatile, so incorporating a few into your dishware collection isn’t something you’ll regret anytime soon.

Go Boho with some comfy floor seating

Finally, summer weather is undoubtedly hot and humid at times. The best way to combat the elements is to stay as relaxed as possible. The air is typically cooler on the floor, so setting up some comfy cushions here for hanging on a hot day will help you to avoid the mugginess. Embrace this style by incorporating some colourful textiles and Moroccan candle lanterns, too.

For tips on prepping your yard for summer, check out these 6 home projects to turn your backyard into an oasis. Happy decorating! 

How do you bring summer vibes into your home? Let us know in the comments section, below!
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