Design hacks to maximize space in small bathrooms

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Everyone aspires to have an expansive bathroom with a spa style bathtub and jacuzzi and maybe Mediterranean style shower area and some more space in between to try out the latest dance steps!! But unfortunately in city apartments large bathrooms are a luxury few can afford and increasing square footage is not always possible. Sometimes creative designing tricks used by bathroom designers can boost bathroom spaces to include all the little luxuries you want to have in the region. 

1. Wall mounted taps

While planning the bathroom layout ask your plumber to install taps that can be fitted in the wall. This will enable you to setup a narrow sink and counter area and also free up footage area in the bathroom. Several designs and styles are available that you can install as per bathroom design style.

2. Organize the shower area

Create in wall storage in the shower area to keep grooming essentials like shampoo, body wash, bath salts, conditioners etc, so that bottles used in this zone are kept within hand's reach. Sometimes shower caddy that can be hung on the shower arm can also be used for the purpose. You can also buy wall mounted dispensers for stocking these in an organized manner.

3. Expansive mirror

Having a mirror that is spread across the wall not only allows two people to use it together but also makes the bathroom look spacious. In a small bathroom like this every inch that can be spared should be utilized to enhance the interiors.

4. Use a corner sink

Sinks located in the middle even if its a pedestal one can disrupt traffic movement in a small bathroom. Here the corner sink located away from the shower and toilet area is ideal as the region around it is likely to remain dry at all times. Also people moving in and out of the shower are not likely to bang themselves on the sink which can happen if it is too close.

5. Wall mounted open shelves

To create more space in your bathroom closet create an open storage unit with cubbies for storing towels, soaps and other essentials. There are several detachable units that can fit your needs and can be purchased both online and offline or you can design one yourself with spare wooden planks at home.

6. Repurpose bathroom furniture

Always use multipurpose furniture in a small bathroom that can be used for keeping towels or other items that cannot be kept on the counter or for simply keeping dirty clothes for the laundry.

7. Using the right patterns

In a small bathroom use shower curtains and wall tiles with scale patterns that can serve as an eye tricking mechanism to make the region appear large.

8. Use neutral colors

Its a known fact that light neutral colors make rooms feel large and spacious. In a small bathroom use light neutral colors for the background and even for sanitary ware, accessories, counters, storage and other details.

Now that you know how to make the small bathroom appear large let us explore ideas to make small bathrooms look beautiful.

Which of these bathroom hacks did you like the best do let us know in your comments below. 

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