10 Amazing Prefabricated House Designs to Inspire You

Falanchity House - Tropical House in Ukay Heights, MJ Kanny Architect MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style houses
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Think prefabricated houses, and the images that flash through our minds are disaster relief structures, cheap homes, or commercial establishments. However, in modern times when time is money and people are looking for quick and hassle-free home constructions, prefabricated houses have become quite popular. The development in technology and the possibility of creating prefab homes in innovative designs encourage professionals to experiment with prefabrication. Here we have curated a few of the stunning prefabricated houses designed by modern architects to inspire you to build one for your family. The spectacular examples of modern prefabricated homes will undoubtedly change your perception of prefab houses. Have a look!

1. The Dreamy house

The hilly terrain is matched perfectly by the stunning modern prefabricated home. The simple and straight lines, the traditional slanting roof, the walls moving with the hills, the impressive interior décor glowing in yellow visible through the house wrapped in glass supported by wood; this prefab house is the epitome of modern design philosophy.

2. Uniqueness of lines and angles

It is easy to fabricate prefabricated homes in a variety of styles. Customized and designed to impress, clear lines and angles, the bends and turns, and the contemporary design give this house a unique shape and feels like it is reaching up to the sky.

3. Single storey prefab home

The different height of roofs creates an attractive design in this prefab home built with an open front yard. Dominated by the glass in doors, windows, skylight, and even walls, you don't have to step out to enjoy the space's openness.

4. The geometrical marvel

The perfection in design is attained by the perfect geometrical shapes and clean lines and angles, making this prefab a marvelous creation created by the designer. The pathway lighting is elevating the style quotient of this elegant house.  

5. Prefab house with a courtyard in the middle

Internal Courtyard With Entrance to Sub-Basement Carpark Vision Design - Sarawak Garden Shed Bricks Beige
Vision Design—Sarawak

Internal Courtyard With Entrance to Sub-Basement Carpark

Vision Design - Sarawak

When the traditional style meets contemporary design, the result is mesmerizing. The three-way house surrounding an interior courtyard in the middle is a pick from the past. The house's simple style with clear glass, clean lines, and minimalist design combine to make it a stunning home.

6. Fabricated Boxes on the top

This modern prefabricated house is built like boxes diligently placed over one another. Wrapped in glass and wood and guarded by metal mesh on the side, it is oozing in style.

7. Home for the community

In sync with one another, these prefabricated community homes though cheap and of the standardized design, stand apart due to their solid construction with an added advantage of being a ‘green architecture.’  

8. Two-storey prefabricated home

A ground floor with an open entrance, the first floor with a covered balcony, and the exterior, which are the same for the two floors, combines to build up a beautiful two-storey independent prefabricated house. Prefabricated homes are easy to build, cost-efficient, and of course, are environment-friendly.

9. Elegance of modern minimalism




A garden in the middle connects the prefabricated twin home designed in the philosophy of modern minimalism. The large glass doors and simplicity in design enhance the house's elegance, making it look and feel sophisticated.  

10. In sync with the container home

This prefabricated home wrapped in glass, supported by timber and metal container, creates a stunning holiday home to enjoy the vacation. Eye-catchy creative design is incredible.  

After the prefabricated houses, check out the container homes, a new craze in Malaysia: Explore the new wave of homes: Container houses

Which of these prefabricated homes will inspire you to build your own? We are waiting to hear from you.  

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