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Playing cards in Hoi An

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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According to the information on the Ngu Hanh Son website, the first time (1825), Emperor Minh Mang came to play Thuy Son Mountain and built two terraced roads to go up the mountain, that is the path to Tam Thai Pagoda and the way Go to Linh Ung Pagoda (formerly known as Ung Chon). When the roof is finished, the tiles are fixed with mortar, forming tile protruding along the roof, making the entire roof appear sturdy and strong. [85] In June 1938, a unit of Vietnamese security guards was dispatched to the Hoang Sa garrison

In which the A Vuong, Long Dai, Tan Lam formations have the main petrographic composition. is shale and sandstone. Hoi An Afternoon Tour [60] The most typical for this type of architecture is the Quan Cong Temple, also known as Ong Pagoda, located in the heart of the old town, at 24 Tran Phu street. And to solve this problem, the leaders of Da Nang city and relevant levels have come up with many options for human resource restructuring, attracting young human resources, creating opportunities for human resources in different Neighboring areas such as Quang Tri, Quang Nam are scarce jobs with easier access to jobs in Danang

Rabbi Alexandre de Rhodes has been to Danang many times and has been call this place Turon; on his map it says "Kean" ("Korean", the guy in "market man"). [38] The town east of the old town was once a French quarter. And researcher Sakaya (ie Truong Van Om) said that "Da Nang" may come from the Mon-Khmer language group, Dakdong - Da Duong, which means river

When the holidays The other big coincides on the full moon night, cultural activities will be richer with costume dance, Duong poetry bay, lion dance. [175] Health The system of health care Da Nang city is one of the specialized medical centers of the Central region - Central Highlands and the country. Unlike Hue, the old capital, where many cultural heritages are of imperial nature, Hoi An's relic system is the traditional cultural institutions of daily life

Wide river in the West, the great sea covers the East, [7] the shape of a sharp mountain. In the area of the pagoda in Ngu Hanh Son, some Cham Pa artifacts such as altar, altar piece, and corner of the altar are carved with themes such as statues, elephants, lions, Drappla, and twisted flower ,. 982 visits, inpatient treatment for 416

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