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Playing cards in Hoi An

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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1 Bibliography 7 External links Name The name "Hoi An" (in Chinese: 會 安) today was formed for a long time in history, but it is difficult to determine the exact date of birth. its. The halls are elaborately and meticulously decorated with carved wooden frames, painted with gilded lacquer, and the roofs adorned with multicolored ceramic animals Representative Office of the Office of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

In very rare cases, the government roof covers the part of the secondary house. Hoi An Ancient Town The ideal time to visit Ngu Hanh Son Ngu Hanh Son is one of the Attractive Da Nang tourist destination that you should not miss. 3 Covered Bridge 4 Culture 4

And the dragon egg shell kept growing and separating, then became five clusters of marble karsts, with 5 different colors, including pink, gray, green, black, yellow, and has 6 peaks and exist to this day Discover the "heavenly" beauty of Ngu Hanh Son Ngu Hanh Son consists of 6 limestone mountains protruding on a coastal sandy beach with an area of about 2 km2. The Western Pole is Hoa Bac commune, Hoa Vang district. Before this period, there were also traces of the Cham Pa trading port, often mentioned with the same silk road on the sea

The Ngu Hanh Son Formation is mainly gray flowering limestone. white. [59] Da Nang during the Trinh-Nguyen conflict and the Tay Son period became a fiercely disputed area and witnessed the fierce battles of the Nguyen army in the attack on Da Nang and Dai Chiem. On October 12, 1996, the Provincial People's Council met to discuss and vote on the separation plan

There is no pagoda on Moc Son mountain, but only a block of white marble. Local people call it Ba Ba Quan Am or Co Mu. 730 people, Cao Dai has 3. The average annual temperature is about 25.8 ° C; highest in June, July and August, average 28-30 ° C; lowest in December, January, February, average 18-23 ° C

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