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Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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relax with a steam bath or a steam bath. In addition to mineral bath, visitors can have fun in dinosaur park, mineral mud bath or tea, lemongrass, Japanese-style onsen bath, longevity egg. With giant dinosaur statues of more than 30 meters high that can move back and forth as real, more than 60 species and more than 100 Jurassic dinosaur models will give visitors new experiences of extinct animals in the millions. years ago

thus, tea bathing was an ideal form of relaxation. Da Nang Tour , however, the noodles here are both strange and familiar, completely processed. from homegrown. All rooms use friendly natural materials, while the design is specially paid attention to ensure user privacy

The flowers bloom in the sun. merging with the clear blue sky and white clouds. Children under 1m are completely free. Orchid line owns an orchid line in the nature reserve of Bà Nà - Princess Mountain with more than 100 species such as: mokara, dendro, pearl point, fire royal, sea oats, nghinh spring, narcissus, Imitation cranes, golden scallops, ... create a brilliant picture between the wild mountains

the jacuzzi is located right in the swimming pool and children's play area, with a direct view of the lake. nature and the stream along the stream will make visitors feel like they are in the middle of a green oasis, helping you to have moments of relaxation in the open and open space. Therefore, choose the god of wealth to experience a mud bath in Danang and evaluate the effectiveness that mud baths bring to yourself. This is a unique spiritual spot with a 5.2m tall goddess of wealth with 800 small talented deities on a 7ha campus.

11:30: have a bufeet lunch at a very talented mountain restaurant form, there are 100 rich dishes here, full of 3 regions cuisine, with more European and Asian dishes for you to slightly change your taste. Goodbye to you and see you in the next tour programs. The scent of tea and flower petals will be very relaxing

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