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8 cool ideas for herb gardens—indoors and out!

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The benefits of herb gardens have been proven time and time again, and their accessibility and ease of planting in even the smallest of spaces has allowed even those who are bad at gardening to give it a go. There are a plethora of ways to properly plant herbs, and if you don't have an outdoor area like a balcony, garden or patio, then planting them indoors is perfectly fine.

Not only should you consider all the types of items and products you can plant herbs in, but you should also consider these items as they will combine with the interior decor and style of your home.  Below we have listed several ways you can incorporate miniature herb gardens in your home and on your balcony, while saving you time, money and space!

A hanging garden in the kitchen

Hanging planters are a great decorative accessory for almost any home. If you're like most homeowners and lack kitchen or counter space, don't worry—why not use ceiling space and hanging planters as a way to save space and still have full access to your wonderful herb garden?

We suggest you choose smaller pots and holders so you can have room for more than one plant. You can purchase typical hanging planters with a hook on top, or a crochet or woven plant holder for a super cool and chic look.

If you have a larger kitchen and would like countertop herbs, consider this design choice as an option!

Mason jar garden

In recent years, Mason jars have risen in popularity in so many ways. Whether you're using one to store food, to can vegetables and fruits or to store a handy salad to take with you for lunch, mason jars are multi-functional classics. 

This also means that they can also be useful when gardening. For best results, place small stones and/or sand in the bottom of your mason jars before you use potting soil and herbs—this will allow for better drainage. It is always important to make sure that you're taking time to consider drainage, as wetness and overwatering of plants is the number one reason why roots start to rot and plants will die.

A big pot on the balcony

If you're lucky enough to have balcony space, no matter how tiny it is, use one giant pot to plant multiple herbs. Herb plants tend to be much smaller than their tropical or flower-based counterparts, so it is always possible to choose at least four to five herbs to plant in one pot and you won't have to worry about cross-contamination.

Having multiple pots on a smaller balcony will easily make the space look overcrowded and cluttered, yet we tend to think that we have to separate each individual plant.  It is more than okay to plant multiple herbs in one, large pot and this will allow you a nice seating area for entertaining or evening-time reading.

On a ladder

If you're living in an apartment, a ladder isn't a tool you normally think of when you're considering items you need for your home.  However, as ladders are cheap, come in multiple shapes, size and colours, you should think about bringing them into your home as a planting and gardening accessory. Not only will they keep individual plants organized, but they will allow you to create a designated space that's simply for planting.

For a special DIY project and cost-saving technique, find an older, used ladder at a thrift store or flea market, give it a good scrub and sanding and paint it in any colours you choose—this way you can give it a customised facelift before putting its function to good use.

Check out this ladder-style, vertical planter for a more modern inspiration.

In tea cups

No need to spend a ton of money on special pot planters—look no further than your old tea cups and crockery collections to find perfect herb garden containers. 

If your summer season is short and you tend to not use too many herbs, this just might be the perfect option for you. Again, it's always best to put a few rocks or pinches of sand in the bottom prior to plating to insure good drainage. 

In a shoe organiser

Easy to find and never that expensive, shoe organisers are a great way to plant a lot of herbs while saving space and money. As most shoe organisers come in linens, cotton or vinyl materials, they will also be great at allowing for proper drainage and allowing sun to soak through and get directly to the roots for optimal growth!

Pictured here is a wall of interior landscaping, however, a shoe organiser would give the exact same look of multiple rows and columns, giving your home a wonderful green boost! Take a look at this smaller vertical hanger for more inspiration!

Old tins

For those of you looking for a more rustic, eclectic feel for your home or balcony, consider old, unused items and antiques as a way to plant your herb garden.  Old tea tins, coffee tins and even antique furnishings are all excellent receptacles. 

With any of these items, drainage will be a concern and depending on the type of furnishings you might use, so make sure you properly seal the wood first as to avoid wood rot!

IKEA Fintorp planter

As with most IKEA products, the Fintorp planter is built around accessibility and function.  Why not install a bar in an open area of your kitchen and hang the matching potted holders along the bar for fast and easy access to your herbs as you're cooking. The pots tend to come with special linings so drainage isn't a problem and you can find them in multiple colours and materials like light-grain wood, dark-grain wood, white and even metal.  

The best part about IKEA products is the recent obsession with IKEA Hacks—these are bloggers and designers that spend a small amount of money on popular IKEA products and use paint and other various materials to turn them into high-end looking products. Give this a try with your new planters!

Want to develop your green thumb? Find out how to create garden heaven!

What are some other items you've used to plant herbs? Tell us more by commenting below!
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