10 Creative Garden Storage Ideas you will Appreciate in your Home

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Think of garden storage and the first image that pops up is that of a shed standing somewhere in the corner of the garden. However, in contemporary homes, especially in cities, not all are blessed with a sprawling lawn with a distant corner reserved for the shed. We now have fantastic landscape architects who are talented enough to create beautiful garden storage even in a teeny terrace, small balcony, or medium-sized outdoors. The garden storage in modern homes shouldn’t be something straightforward that is unappealing. Let’s think outside the box to box up the gardening tools away from the view in a creative way. Check out the garden storage or rather organizers to beautify your garden. 

1. Lost beneath the ground

The underground storage covered with a metal lid matches with the garden furniture. Everything is so perfectly camouflaged that it will be difficult to guess what’s under the cover.  

2. Hidden behind the stone wall

Build a stone wall from natural stones and make it a part of the landscape. Away from the direct view, hide the garden storage behind the stone wall. The best thing about it is that even the hiding spot is natural and in the open.

3. The wall window storage

A window on the garden wall and the storage behind its dark glass doors; it's a smart and creative way to store the garden tools.

4. Under the bench

Use the space under the garden bench as garden storage. It's a convenient and efficient way to store the stuff. As far as aesthetics is concerned, what's above matters more than what's beneath.

5. Multi-functional storage unit

Leave a green footprint and design the solar power unit you brought to light up your garden with solar panels above and the garden storage unit below it. This innovative idea is worth copying.

6. A cupboard in the middle of nowhere

Be creative and install an elegant cupboard in the middle of nowhere in your garden to store your garden stuff. Until it is wide open, it will be hard to guess what's inside it.

7. A good old garden shed

Tucked in a corner, hidden behind the wall, the white garden shed for storage with a shutter door merges with the house to become a part of it.    

8. Step up the garden storage

A sundeck in the garden, wooden seating in the deck, and the garden storage hidden in the boxes that doubles-up to be the steps; it’s artistic and a fantastic idea of creating the garden storage.

9. Sunroom with more purpose

A sunroom is an excellent addition to the garden. However, what’s interesting here is the daybed, which happens to be the boxed settee kept in the sunroom for relaxation. Hide your gardening tools in the box and keep the sunroom clean and clear.

10. Best out of waste with a designer touch

Project @ River Isles ab1 Abode Pte Ltd Scandinavian style gardens
ab1 Abode Pte Ltd

Project @ River Isles

ab1 Abode Pte Ltd

Turn an old shelf into a balcony garden storage bench. Paint it in your choice color, place planters with decorative plants on it, and bingo, the old furniture becomes a designer storage unit.

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Did you find these garden storage ideas clever and creative? We are waiting for your commnents. 

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