Pantone Color of the Year 2021: 35 Ways to bring the Elegance of Illuminating and Ultimate Gray in your Home

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The modern combination of Illuminating and Ultimate Gray creates vibrant energy to invigorate the spirit of life.  The marriage of the two colors is a welcome relief from the pandemic's gloomy shadow that engulfed the year 2020. It was quite a smart choice by Pantone 2021 to give the world the shine to embrace, intending to convey hope that is optimistic and enriching. The professional designers have been smartly using these colors to fill the house interior with happy vibes. With an insight for the bright future, intuition for positivity, and innovative tone in the interior décor, let's splash your modern home in the shade of Pantone color for the year 2021.

1. The shine of sun

Paint the whole space near the stairs in Illuminating shine of yellow and make it glow from the sunlight peeping from the sunwindow. The Ultimate Gray pieces break the monotony of the shade.

2. Modern meets minimalism

Ultimate Gray wall with Illuminating pieces of furniture, it's a perfect blend of modern and minimalist.

3. Say it with colors

Paint the ceiling in the combination of the Pantone color of the year 2021 and enjoy the vibe.

4. Backsplash full of color

Vibrant shade on the kitchen backsplash in combination with the Ultimate Gray dominating the rest of the decor is simply stunning.

5. Soothing combination for a calm space

Choose the Pantone color of Illuminating and Ultimate Gray to build up the nursery for your kid.

6. Jumping up the color style

Ultimate Gray on the bottom and Illuminating on the top, this is some color combination for the bunk-bed.

7. Shining with the sun

Imagine a room full of sunlight and the Pantone color 2021 in the room decor. It's elegant!

8. Frame it right

Kitchen & Bar table ST-EM Architecture Kitchen units Metal Yellow
ST-EM Architecture

Kitchen & Bar table

ST-EM Architecture

The Ultimate Gray kitchen with Iluuminating brightness of yellow framing it to add vibrancy into space.

9. Creative and elegant decor

Just a touch of vibrant shade makes a huge difference in the home decor.

10. Just do it

Be bold, be beautiful, and just do it if you love the color combination of Pantone 2021. Accentuate the Ultimate Gray on the wall with Illuminating shade on the furniture.

11. Styling smartly

View 2 of Studio Apartment CRISP3D Modern style bedroom Bricks Yellow

View 2 of Studio Apartment


The smart color combination of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow fills the kitchen with a positive vibe.

12. Color through the furniture

The bright Illuminating yellow of the chairs shines under the meditative feel of the Ultimate Gray.

13. Subtle shade of modern minimalism

The subtle shade of the Pantone color 2021 on the walls and furniture pieces are making the modern minimalist decor looks elegant.

14. Signature of the signature piece

The vibrant color of the chairs, the subtle color of the sofa, and the cushion covers in the combination of Pantone color of the year 2021, it's ultimate.

15. In tits and bits

Make the lamp shine brighter, the wall vibrant, and then add the Pantone color 2021 in tits and bits to decorate the children's room.

16. Bold and beautiful

Express your feelings through color and make the room shine in the color of your choice.

17. Accessories it right

Use the Pantone color 2021 in accessories and furnishing to give your bedroom a vibrant feel full of positivity.

18. Spread it on the floor

Ultimate Gray sofa, and Illuminating color rug on the floor, bring the best in your living room decor and do it in style.

19. Chic and contemporary

View 3 of Studio Apartment CRISP3D Modern style bedroom Bricks Yellow

View 3 of Studio Apartment


The brightness of the coffee table compliments the contemporary Gray on the sofa to make the room chic and vibrant.

20. Cool and calm combination

SONS BEDROOM Mansi desai Small bedroom Wood Yellow
Mansi desai


Mansi desai

The cool and calmness of the subtle shade of Pantone color 2021 fill the room with soothing energy.

21. Elegance in simplicity

Ultimate Gray wall and just a single shelf in Illuminating tone; there is immense beauty in simplicity.

22. Shining bright and beautiful

There is nothing like a vibrant kitchen full of positive vibe brought through a smart color combination. See it to believe it!

23. Spread it in style

If you love the vibrant color combined with the modern tone, then just spread it all over on the wall, furniture, and even on the floor.

24. Breaking the monotony

Break the monotony of the subtle shade by adding a splash of color even if it is with bjust a single piece of the cushion cover.

25. Stylishness in simplicity

The white kitchen with Illuminating shade on the wall has transformed the simple kitchen into a designer's dream.

26. It's half on half

Half Illuminating and half Ultimate Gray, the best of both the Pantone color of the year 2021, come together to create a stunning decor.

27. Elegance all over

Illuminating shine of yellow on the kitchen cabinet, the island, and on the half portion of the rug, and the Ultimate Gray spread over the counter-top, and the rest of the rug looks elegant.

28. Say it with furniture

The colorful choice of furniture makes a fashionable statement in the home decor. Just a few pieces of essential chairs, a simple painting in two color combination hung on the wall, and the Ultimate Gray lampshade over it; it's beautiful.

29. Make a statement with the wall

The Ultimate Gray wall with Illuminating kitchen cabinet fixed on it; it's stunning.

30. Brighten up the bathroom

Brighten up the small bathroom by choosing a bright shade for the wall. The beauty will take attention away from its size.

31. Glitz and glamorous

The vibrancy of the Illuminating tone of the backsplash in the kitchen wall tiles in Ultimate Gray brings in the glitz and glamour of the Pantone color 2021 in your modern kitchen.

32. Spread it for elegance

The combination of Illuminating and Ultimate Gray will create a lively bedroom. Use the combination as a bedspread on the bed and relax in the glory of the colors.

33. Smart and sophisticated

Be smart and create sophisticated decor by combining the Pantone color of 2021 in your master bedroom. Take some inspiration from here.

34. Opposite attracts

Make the room extra elegant by opting for the two unrelated color combination of Illuminating and Ultimate Gray on the opposite walls.

35. My yellow table

Your Illuminating yellow table with Ultimate Gray chairs is the ultimate combination and an intelligent way to bring in the Pantone color of the year 2021 in your home.

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Which way will you choose to bring the Pantone color 2021 in your home decor? We are waiting for your response. 

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