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A Polish Cottage in an Idyllic Setting

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Bialystok is located in North Eastern Poland, not so far away from the Belarusian border. It stands on the banks of the Biala River. Once a pastoral town, Bialystok has long distinguished itself as a major metropolis of the country. It has also survived many tumultuous periods throughout its history.

Several major landmarks show the evolution of art and architecture in Bialystok. While Tykocin Castle’s brick façade is a prime example of Polish gothic style, Lubomirski Palace showcases a more classical structure. Branicki Palace, renowned as the Versailles of Poland, embraces the grandeur of baroque. 

However, Bialystok’s modern skyline is fast becoming crowded with the glass façades and concrete structures of the modern era. In this backdrop, the Villa Ambrosja seems to bring back a gush of fresh wind from Bialystok’s tranquil past. This is the house that we are planning to show you today.


Villa Ambrozja, designed by Biuro Projektowe Mtm Styl, is located in one of the idyllic neighbourhoods of Bialystok. Biuro Projektowe Mtm Styl has been working in and around Bialystok since 1993. They have completed a number of residential projects in the area and earned high commendations from customers and critics alike.

The house is planned based on a pre-formatted design by Biuro Projektowe Mtm Styl’s team of architects. For some time now they have adopted this technique and received considerable success in doing so. This should not be considered as a limitation, because customisation options are available at an extra cost. For those who want to build a home within a tight budget this comes as a blessing in disguise.

The roof of this modern cottage is pre-fabricated. It occupies sizeable plot of about 687.1 sq metres, or 7396 sq feet. Its living area is spread over 137 sq metres or about 1475 sq feet. The house is fitted with all kinds of modern facilities including under floor heating and mechanical ventilation. It boasts a two car garage as well. A beautiful garden surrounds the building.

Living room

An open floor plan builds an expansive interior for this living room. It follows a modern style and is decked out in white and grey shades. Glossy flooring creates a contrast with the walls and ceiling. The sofas are upholstered in white too.

A glimpse of the dining room can be obtained from here. A laminated TV cabinet, display units and a dining set give this space a cheerful feel. The kitchen can be accessed directly from this area. Aside from a living room, kitchen and dining area, the floor has three bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms and a spacious hallway.


The kitchen is spacious and well decorated with high quality items of décor. Elaborate kitchen cabinets occupy two of the walls. The kitchen countertop also has ample storage space underneath. The colour scheme is similar to the living room—minimal white, with a hint of rustic wood. 

The kitchen receives generous natural light through large windows. Ceiling mounted task lighting fixtures keep the space illuminated after sunset.

Stairway and hall

Villa Ambrozja’s hall may not be massive in size, but it has a homey charm that is difficult to ignore. The area is defined by laminated flooring, a modern stairway that gives access to the loft space and a cosy understair chat area. The staircase is adorned with the help of LED lighting, and a small table decorated with a simple vase fills the area with a beauty and geniality.

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Which part of this house did you find most attractive? Let us know in the comments section below.
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